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FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — On Aug. 4, we celebrate the 232nd birthday of the U. S. Coast Guard. We are grateful for the professionals who protect our waterways at home and our maritime interests abroad.

In 1790, Congress authorized funding for the building of 10 sailing vessels called cutters to enforce tariffs and protect our new nation’s revenue. These cutters were built to form the Revenue Cutter Service, the precursor to the Coast Guard. The modern Coast Guard was established on January 28, 1915, when President Woodrow Wilson merged the Revenue Cutter Service with the Life-Saving Service.

Throughout our nation’s history, the Coast Guard has participated in every major conflict and proudly displays 43 battle streamers. Today, they perform missions to support and aid in the homeland, including securing America’s ports, waterways and coasts; interdiction and law enforcement; and defense readiness. They also execute non-homeland missions, such as support to marine resources; search and rescue; marine safety; and environmental protection. Members of the Coast Guard are instrumental in protecting assets and defending against threats.

Happy birthday, Coast Guard, we are proud to serve with you!

Semper Paratus (Always Ready)!

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