Soccer Ball Exchange
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Soccer Match
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CAMP HENRY - The military alliance between the Republic of Korea Army and the United States Army continues to strengthen through meetings that don't have to be strictly business.

19th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) met with 50th Homeland Reserve Division Headquarters in Daegu for the first time to participate in friendly activities including a game of soccer, tug-of-war and dinner. The command group, primary staff officers and senior NCO's from each unit participated in this event.

The 50th HRD is the primary defense and security of Daegu Metropolitan and Kyongsangbuk-do province. In wartime they support Reception, Staging and Onward Movement of deploying U.S. forces to this area of Korea.

Maj. Gen. Lee, Tae Woo, commanding general, 50th HRD expressed the same desire as Brig. Gen. Raymond V. Mason, commanding general, 19th ESC, to remain committed in strengthening the partnership between ROK and U.S. Armies.

The theme for the evening was "Happy Together, Go Together," which supports the idea of a friendly working relationship between the two units.

"There is nothing that substitutes face to face interaction. To meet and socialize with our ROK counterparts does a lot to build a relationship that sustains the R.O.K and US Armies as allies," said Maj. Steven B. Traum, support operations, 19th ESC.

During the soccer match and dinner, both unit's servicemembers got a chance to interact with one another towards a strong relationship as friends and allies.

"When we work together again in the future, the meeting tonight will go a long way in making our working relationship stronger. Team building, healthy competition and socializing helps us see the differences and similarities between cultures to better understand each other," said Traum.

Mason said he hopes to have a similar event like this later this year inviting 50th HRD to the 19th ESC Headquarters.