YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - It used to be a long, complicated procedure fraught with inconveniences, but customer service feedback in U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan is about to change how community members process their vehicles.

The new Vehicle Processing Center opening Aug. 24 on Camp Kim will consolidate vehicle pick-up, drop-off, inspection and registration into one location - services that were previously scattered around the garrison.

"Having everything under one roof is a huge quality of life improvement for our community," USAG-Yongsan Management Program Analyst Jim North said. "When you think about the old way of going to one place to pick up your vehicle, and then having get temporary plates just to drive it to another place across the base, you can imagine how much time and money this is going to save people."

The change was completely customer driven, according to North. "The garrison has listened to a combination of Commander's Hotline feedback, focus groups, town halls, surveys, and Interactive Customer Evaluation submissions to make this a priority. The timing is right, too, with tour normalization underway."

The new Vehicle Processing Center will be located in Bldg. C-1244-CK-068 on Camp Kim and may be reached by calling commercial 02-798-7032 for outbound inquiries and 02-798-7031 for inbound inquiries beginning Aug. 24.

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