The U.S. Army's Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal System (CAMDS)
Starting in 1979, the Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal System (CAMDS) in Tooele County, Utah served as the primary research, test and development facility for the nation's chemical weapons elimination program. Most of the processes and techniques used at the Agency's disposal sites were pioneered at CAMDS-chemical munitions handling/disassembly, incineration, neutralization, cryofracture, hydrolysis, pollution abatement systems, personal protection equipment and waste treatment-to name a few.

During operations, CAMDS workers destroyed more than 363,523 pounds of chemical agents and nearly 40,000 munitions. In its history, no worker was adversely exposed to chemical agent and the local community and environment remained safe.

CAMDS is currently undergoing closure, but will forever remain instrumental to the mission of completely eliminating the nation's chemical weapons.