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Col. David Bunker has assumed a new position as the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command G-3/5. Bunker previous served as the military deputy for the AMCOM Logistics Center, which also is located on Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Bunker was commissioned as an aviation officer in 1998 from the United States Military Academy after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management.

Bunker spent the bulk of his military career as an aviator in leadership and staff assignments with the First Infantry Division in Ansbach, Germany; 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) at Fort Campbell, Kentucky; and the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. That wealth of Army aviation experience, combined with an assignment at ALC, provided a great foundation for his current position.

“Most of my time has been in operational-type units, which is essentially the user end of what we do here at AMCOM,” said Bunker. “My assignment at ALC showed me the business side of Army sustainment – AMCOM specifically – and it really helped inform me on what the command does. It was tremendously helpful in preparing me for the AMCOM G-3/5 position.”

Bunker said he was confident it would be an easy transition into the new position because of his background and his previous work with the G-3/5 team while at ALC.

“I have a lot of time in G-3 type roles – operations, plans and strategy – so that is comfortable for me. I knew we had a strong team within the G-3/5, and the command in general,” said Bunker.

He’s looking forward to this assignment, which could possibly be his last before retirement, and is hopeful he can have a positive impact on the organization.

“Things move a little faster in the G-3/5 and you can actually see change,” said Bunker. “It’s more difficult and different, but you have direct influence. I like to see things move along.”

Although he’s excited about his new assignment, Bunker speaks highly of his tenure at ALC and its workforce.

“There is a lot that happens at ALC and when you’re starting out there it can be difficult to wrap your head around,” said Bunker. “I did truly enjoy my time there and I felt honored to be part of that organization.”