Editor’s Note:  This article was originally published January, 2021, by Sidney Sullivan.

Prior to any appointment, the Vehicle Registration Office reminds all personnel to review mandatory flowcharts, checklists and Exceptions to Policy on the Official USAG Bavaria webpage. If any documentation is missing at the time of appointment, then the customer cannot be served. If questions or clarification is needed, please email the office at usarmy.bavaria.id-europe.mbx.vehicle-registration@mail.mil.


GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — The USAG Bavaria Vehicle Registration Office is launching a new web based appointment scheduler on Monday, Feb. 1. This appointment scheduler will replace the current method of scheduling appointments, which is by e-mail.

The new scheduler will allow community members the freedom to select the best date and time that suits their needs up to 90 days in advance, based on availability. At their own convenience, they will also have the options of wait-listing, rescheduling or canceling an appointment. And this website can be accessed on personal devices without a Common Access Card.

“The website was designed to provide a more flexible solution to the customer,” says Richard Camacho, deputy director of Directorate of Emergency Services. “By allowing the customer to schedule their own appointments, our team will be able to better serve the customers on-site.”

When using the website, community members will be prompted to select the location of service, available registrar, transaction type and appointment date and time. Camacho recommends that customers check all additional registrars for availability before joining a waitlist, since every registrar will have appointment date and time listings.

Provided that all required documentation is on-hand at the time of appointment, customers can complete multiple transaction types within one appointment; however, the Vehicle Registration Office asks that customers do not use the website to schedule back-to-back appointment slots.

“The average time per transaction is 15 minutes,” he says. “We will require customers to e-mail our team, if they require more than one transaction. Our team can schedule the appointment and block off the appropriate amount of time to provide the service to the customer.”

To finalize the appointment, community members must provide a personal e-mail address and random five digit code. Afterwards, customers should immediately check their inbox for a confirmation e-mail.

“We suggest all customers bring the verification email to the appointment,” says Camacho. “If a customer does not have their code or the e-mail, then they may provide their personal e-mail address to our team, and we will be able to verify the appointment.”

In response to recent community feedback, the Vehicle Registration Office has been working on this web based solution for several months. “Our team is excited with the new appointment scheduler,” Camacho concludes. “It will allow more flexibility for our customers and allow the team more time to provide service to the customer!”