Army Materiel Command Employees of the Quarter, First Quarter, Fiscal Year 2022.
Army Materiel Command Employees of the Quarter, First Quarter, Fiscal Year 2022. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Graphic) VIEW ORIGINAL

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- Eleven employees throughout the Army Materiel Command enterprise – including one who manages multi-million dollar communication technology systems and another who rescued Soldiers from drowning during a field exercise – are being recognized as the organization’s Employees of the Quarter for the first quarter of fiscal year 2022.

The employees were recognized by AMC Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Walt Duzzny for making a positive impact on AMC’s missions. Besides outstanding performance, they are also recognized for progressing a culture of achievement and productivity, contributing to a positive work environment, increasing retention and improving employee engagement in order to impact overall morale.

"AMC's workforce continues to impress with their professionalism and commitment to the mission,” Duzzny said. “The employees being recognized represent the best of what I see every day throughout this command. Their contributions, along with their can-do spirit and dedication to Soldiers, make a significant difference in ensuring AMC fulfills its readiness responsibilities for the Army."

Employees were recognized for the contributions to ongoing projects supporting AMC missions as well as for their quick response to immediate needs affecting Army assets and their impact on Army resources and equipment worldwide. Two awardees -- Communications-Electronics Command’s Robert Hagenbaugh, who oversees the installation of Information Technology throughout the AMC enterprise, and Installation Management Command’s Tyler Goode, who worked to rescue multiple Airborne Soldiers from drowning during a field exercise – represent the wide spectrum of AMC support services that have a positive effect on the Army.

“Within AMC and especially at CECOM and Tobyhanna Army Depot where I work, there are a lot of employees who go above and beyond,” said Hagenbaugh, who has worked for CECOM for 20 years. “It’s very humbling to be the one chosen for this award from among all those who I work with. This is something that will be special to me for a long time.”

While the award recognizes Hagenbaugh’s work leading efforts for a $14 million project to establish and equip the Home Station Mission Command Center and Mission Command Facilities at the 38th Infantry Division, Indiana National Guard, it also recognizes the importance of employee contributions in developing modern and innovative IT systems that leaders can rely on to communicate with employees. The need for upgraded IT systems became most evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when leaders relied on a multitude of IT systems to communicate with teleworking employees.

When called in for new IT systems, Hagenbaugh and his team work with CECOM’s Information Systems Engineering Command to develop IT plans based on the communication needs of the customer’s military and civilian personnel. It can take several months to two years to install new IT systems, with the team often working at night to accommodate employee schedules. Their work has taken them to places like Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Stewart, Georgia; Southern Command, Miami; and Fort Buckner, Japan.

“During the last two years, COVID and supply chain problems have really derailed projects and have caused work stoppages because we can’t get equipment. It has been a challenging time, and we’ve found ways to work through these issues with our customers,” Hagenbaugh said.

Hagenbaugh’s next significant project will bring him to AMC headquarters later this year, when he and his team will install major IT upgrades that will bring new communication technologies to the AMC enterprise.

“We are confident in what we do and we are excited about the opportunity to come to Redstone Arsenal and support (commander) Gen. (Ed) Daly and AMC headquarters,” Hagenbaugh said.

Goode’s work as a firefighter with the Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Fire and Emergency Service often involves challenging situations. The Employee of the Quarter award recognizes his efforts as a rescue/recovery diver on a special operations dive team at Fort Bragg, where he helped to rescue Airborne Soldiers after a boat capsized during a test of water flotation devices used by paratroopers.

“Soldiers were jumping from rotary aircraft into a lake,” Goode said. “While the operation was being conducted, a boat retrieving jumpers from the water began to take on water and capsized. My captain and I saw the capsizing watercraft and he raced our boat to the scene.”

Soldiers were struggling in the water and next to the capsizing boat. Goode jumped in to help the Soldiers, getting two to nearby boats so they could be pulled in by rescuers.

“Once the first two victims were removed, a third victim appeared from underneath the water. I was able to take the third victim to the bow of the capsized boat for relief,” he said. “All the victims were accounted for and we transferred them to another boat to run to shore, where they were checked out by medical units. All were okay.”

During his three years at Fort Bragg and nine total years as a firefighter, Goode was responded to fires, car accidents, medical emergencies, gas leaks, aircraft emergencies and more. He is both a firefighter and a driver operator for all of the apparatuses that firefighters use. He is also on two special operations team -- the dive team and the child passenger seat team, where he aids families to ensure their child seats are inspected and properly installed for safety.

“The best part about being a firefighter is the ability to help others. It can seem like a cliché for an answer, but we genuinely care about those that we serve,” Goode said. “No one starts out to have a bad day so the ability to make someone’s bad day just a little bit better is definitely the best part of the job.”

Goode appreciates being recognized through AMC’s Employee of the Quarter program.

“Just knowing that someone is wanting you to receive recognition makes what you do that much better,” he said. “The AMC/IMCOM employee awards program can be a great motivator for employees to continually review the way they provide their services.”

The following AMC employees received the Employee of the Quarter award for the first quarter FY22. A placard honoring each selectee is displayed at and AMC headquarters at Redstone Arsenal.

·        Rosalyn Moore, Management and Program Analyst, AMC Headquarters, for a high level of customer service that reflects her passion to make a positive difference and her dedication to AMC.

·        Jesus Apodaca, Logistics Management Specialist, Joint Munition Command, for working diligently to provide 2nd Cavalry Regiment with the ammunition to support their Stryker 30mm Infantry Carrier Vehicle live fire exercises and war reserve requirements.

·        Kevin Bowers, General Supply Specialist, Army Sustainment Command, for helping to foster an environment of improved motivation, productivity and initiative within the Supply and Services Division and Logistics Readiness Center.

·        Giovanni Estrada, Country Program Manager, Security Assistance Command, for overseeing the development and overall program management for the transfer of defense articles services, education and training from Afghanistan, providing support to the Over the Horizon Plan that turned into a full-scale evacuation of military personnel from Afghanistan.

·        Dipak Giri, Physical Scientist, Chemical Materials Activity, for demonstrating great knowledge during a particularly lengthy international inspection with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons during their review of the Schedule One Facility and the Single Small Scale Facility located in the Edgewood Area of Aberdeen Proving Ground.

·        Regina Givens, Supervisory Contract Specialist, Army Contracting Command, for demonstrating outstanding leadership by selflessly volunteering to assume responsibility as the Administrative Contracting Officer of the mission-critical full food service requirements at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

·        Tyler Goode, Firefighter, Installation Management Command, for conducting the rescue of multiple Airborne Soldiers from the water, gathering them into a rescue vessel and ensuring their safety.

·        Robert Hagenbaugh, Electronics Technician, Communications-Electronics Command, for being responsible for the receipt of $14 million of mission workload to conduct Home Station Mission Command Center and Mission Command Facilities at the 38th Infantry Division.

·        Brianna Schneider, Human Resource Specialist, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, for developing the Command’s first ever formal Mentorship Program and then coordinating kick-off meetings with the selected mentors and mentees.

·        Julie Stites, Supervisory Accountant, Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, for ensuring that fund controls were properly delegated and documented with required training completed to ensure all regulatory requirements were met.

·        Ila Williams, Program Analyst, Aviation and Missile Command, for leading a diverse team of Budget Analysts and Logistician subject matter experts that significantly improved fiscal stewardship.