Former USAWC student returns to become International Fellows Hall of Fame member

By Robert MartinJune 14, 2022

Former USAWC student returns to become International Fellows Hall of Fame member
Lt. Gen. Pietro Serino speaks to the class of 2022 during his induction into the international fellows hall of fame, 25 May in Bliss Hall. (Photo Credit: Robert Martin) VIEW ORIGINAL

Lt. Gen. Pietro Serino the Chief of the Italian Army was congratulated by the Army War College class of 2022, faculty and staff as he became the 5th Italian General and the 72nd member of the prestigious International Fellows Hall of Fame.

The ceremony held May 25 in Bliss Hall was led by Brig. Gen. Janeen Birckhead, Assistant Adjutant General Maryland Joint Force Headquarters and Deputy Commanding General-Reserve Affairs, U.S. Army War College War

"I never imagined coming here again in this position as General of the Italian Army," said Serino. "You never know what will happen to you the next day," he said as he started his remarks.

"The skills built during my year at the Army War College, such as critical thinking, negotiation, and the network created, have proved to be paramount to me," said Serino. "Seeing things and facts from a different point of view and discussions with fellow students from all over the world allows you to develop lateral thinking."

"Learning the strategic dimension of defense at the War College was fully realized when working at the strategic interagency level when I served as the in the staff of the Italian Ministry of Defense. We must consider the effects of our decision from a strategic-multiagency perspective," said Serino.

"Another important skill I took away from the War College was how to look and think from a different perspective, and this was the most important value I left with at the end of my year, being able to look at the world from a different eye," he said.

Even though Serino graduated 19 years ago from the War College, eight seminar 4 members came back to congratulate their classmate.

"I have made some friends for life with the students in my seminar and with other students attending the Army War College," said Serino.

"I think the family created in seminar four represents the Army family,” said retired Col. Steven Green, a seminar colleague with Serino. “The connections we made at the War College are ones that we have kept for a long time and have proven valuable personally and professionally. [Lt. Gen. Serino and I] have become terrific friends over the years either socially or by working together in some cases," said Green.

A native of Rome, Italy, Serino entered the Army in 1982 as a lieutenant in the Signal Corps. After holding many positions within the Signal Command, he was promoted to Brig. Gen. in 2007, where he served as the Military Attaché for the Italian Army in Washington D.C... He was also the Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command of the Army. His most recent assignment was as the Chief of the Minister's Office.

The U.S. Army War College International Fellows Hall of Fame was established to provide a prestigious and visible means of honoring USAWC International graduates who have attained, through military merit, the highest positions in their nation's armed forces or who have held an equivalent position by rank or responsibility in a multinational organization.