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* The U.S. Army Garrison Italy Public Affairs Office provides this courtesy summary and translations of local news to our community for situational awareness. The views expressed in this news summary are of Italian news organizations and do not reflect the official viewpoint of USAG Italy or the U.S. military. (Italian News translation team includes Anna Ciccotti, Angela Balbo, Chiara Mattirolo and Laura Kreider)

Italian News from Vicenza & Darby – June 14, 2022

Vicenza Military Community

·        COVID-19 Updates

·        Ukrainian mayor from Zhytomyr says thank you to Vicenza

·        Elderly man calls Carabinieri to ask for company

·        Local agriculture businesses fear big losses

·        Community pool near Ederle gets a makeover

·        Violence against women, calls for help multiply

·        Digital toll payment helps highway drive cleaner transport

·        Renaissance canvas shines again in Monte Berico after long restoration

·        Now 75, Vicenza Diocese’s Bishop submits retirement letter


Darby Military Community

·        Riverboat sets sail again in Pontedera

·        Regional elections, Tuscany is split in half

·        Pisa dresses up to celebrate San Ranieri

·        Tuscany Pride takes place in Livorno on Saturday June 18


COVID-19 Updates – June 14, Ministry of Health, ADNKRONOS

Italy registered 10,371 new infections and 41 deaths in the last 24 hours. The positivity rate is 13.9 percent.  Meanwhile, hospitalizations and intensive care continue to increase: hospitalized patients with symptoms amounted to 4,210 (+92) while intensive care increased to 193 (+10 since the previous day). According to news sources, the number of new infections increased by 26 percent last week due to the Omicron 5 variant, and is up by 40 percent in Lombardy, Veneto, and Emilia Romagna. Health experts argue for the continuing mask mandate on public transportation. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Vicenza Military Community

Ukrainian mayor from Zhytomyr says thank you to VicenzaJune 14, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Ukraine asked for help and Vicenza responded with great generosity. For this reason, the mayor of the city of Zhytomyr wanted to video call the mayor Francesco Rucco to express the gratitude of his fellow citizens. Together with Rucco there was Maria Rita Dal Molin, director of the Voluntary Service Center, which since the first weeks of the war has promoted initiatives of solidarity and hospitality towards Ukrainian refugees. Mayor Serhyi Sukhomlyn and other representatives of the Ukrainian city thanked Vicenza for sending basic necessities, for the welcome guaranteed to many families and also for the bus trips organized to facilitate the return home. Special thanks were given to the business world and in particular to the Ferplast company of Castelgomberto. Finally, the two mayors promised to visit each other as soon as possible. According to CSV data, approximately 100 families from Vicenza have opened their homes to Ukrainians, hosting 2,900. About 120 families have already returned home. (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Elderly man calls Carabinieri to ask for companyJune 14, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Last Saturday, a 79-year-old pensioner who lives in via Palemone in San Pio X called the Carabinieri. “I feel lonely, I need to talk to someone,” he said in a particularly sad voice. The operator, sensing the delicacy of the situation, sent a patrol to the indicated address without wasting time. The elderly man told the officers that he was alone because he never married and had no children, and that his loneliness has worsened since his siblings had passed away. He also confided to the two Carabinieri that the neighbors sometimes invite him to play cards, but he is a bit ashamed and prefers not to go because he needs a trolley to be able to move. The elderly man then asked the military to tell the Red Cross staff to come to his home more often because he has been feeling particularly down in the dumps lately. Tomorrow, he will turn 80. The Carabinieri will visit him to celebrate his birthday together. They also involved social services so that they can follow the elderly man more closely. (Summary by Angela Balbo)


Local agriculture businesses fear big losses June 14, Il Giornale di Vicenza

A confluence of factors ranging from the drought, soaring prices for energy and raw materials is challenging agriculture and farming. Such current challenges are bringing the world economy to its knees and no sector seems to be safe from the tsunami triggered by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Agriculture has to deal with bills and material costs. In the northern Vicenza area, price increases and low rainfall are putting farmers in difficulty. That the problem of low rainfall is far from being resolved. "The last two rains have somewhat alleviated the drought, but the problem remains and is difficult to solve, especially this season - underlines Andrea Lora, president of the section of Schio Coldiretti [famers association]. We await the harvest of barley and wheat, in 10-15 days we will see how it goes.” The costs of the fuel used for agricultural machinery, which are essential for processing in the primary sector, also weigh. “Energy costs continue to rise, diesel fuel for the use of tractors weighs a lot: we are about double the price compared to last year - continues Lora - we went from 0.60 to 1.30 euros per liter. And there is no room for improvement. We are in difficulty, because the revenues remain the same and in any case we have to pay the bills.” (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Community pool near Ederle gets a makeover - June 13, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Synthetic grass, a new alarm and the construction of basketball and mini tennis courts, a playground with rock walls for children and a whirlpool in the baby pool: these are the works on the swimming pool of San Pio X, carried out by the ASD Aquarea Vicenza. The works cost around 150 thousand euros, in light of a long-term management perspective. The works already carried out are the laying of synthetic grass, the positioning of 300 stations with umbrellas and sunbeds and a new sandbox for children. ”The five-year management - says Cunico of Aquarea - has allowed us to invest heavily in the redevelopment. We trimmed the hedge and gained 500 square meters of shade, much appreciated by the elderly and families.” Among the selling points of the pool there are also the controlled prices for admission and rental of beach chairs with umbrellas which cost one euro, while the plastic ones are free. “We want to keep costs down to meet every need - underlines Cunico - especially since it is a structure at the service of the neighborhood. The evening openings with music and pizza on Wednesdays and Fridays are also very popular.” (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Violence against women, calls for help multiply - June 13, Il Giornale di Vicenza

The double femicide committed by Zlatan Vasiljevic, the 42-year-old Bosnian citizen who killed his ex-wife Lidija Miljkovic and his latest partner Gabriela Serrano in Vicenza last week shocked the public opinion in the country, especially since the killer had already been sentenced for abuse and was accused of the same charges in another trial. These days, the switchboards of law enforcement and anti-violence centers are seeing an increase in calls. "Unfortunately, there are more and more of these situations," says Maria Zatti, president of the association that manages the anti-violence centers of Vicenza and Arzignano. “It may be that more requests are coming in now, because these things scare women even more. And it may also be that someone takes the courage to ask for help.” Meanwhile, people are bringing flowers and messages of love to the improvised ‘altar’ in via Vigolo next to where Lidija was shot. One of them reads: “Dear Lidija, your smile made its way into our life. You fought, with a smile, with so much dignity, strength and respect to defend your children against everyone.” (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Digital toll payment helps highway drive cleaner transport - June 11, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Fewer queues, less waiting, less pollution. In three years, from 2019 to 2021, along the A4 Padua-Venice, the Mestre bypass and the A57-Tangenziale di Mestre, approximately 2,500 tons of carbon dioxide were saved thanks to digital toll payment. CAV, Venetian motorway concessions, and Telepass Company commissioned a study by the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice. The report aimed at quantifying the reduction of polluting emissions thanks to the presence of dedicated toll-toll gates along the highway. Under pressure from the European Union to cut emissions, local transport agencies look to high tech to cut vehicle congestion and pollution, in an effort to make cities more livable and businesses more efficient. Meanwhile, the process for the ambitious supersonic freight transport project, the so-called Hyper Transfer, is proceeding as planned with the first stage completed. National and international bidders submitted their offer to produce a prototype by 2026. (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Renaissance canvas shines again in Monte Berico after long restorationJune 11, Il Giornale di Vicenza

One of the most prestigious Renaissance works is once again visible to the public at the ancient refectory of the Friars of Mary convent at Monte Berico: the painting “Supper of San Gregorio Magno” by Paolo Veronese. The colors are surprising: magnificent shades of blue, red, and yellow. It took almost two years to restore and in between there was a pandemic. However, work never stopped, thanks to the funds of Intesa bank. The grand opening yesterday, at the presence of the mayor and other authorities. Veronese's canvas has monumental dimensions (4.68 meters by 8.61 for a total of 40 square meters) and if one looks at it intently one can discover incredible details: clothes hanging between the Palladian palaces, St. Gregory the Great at the center of the scene while Jesus is a little on the sidelines, the painting commissioner on one side and the painter on the other and then beggars, women, men with clothes whose folds take on shades of a bygone time. Mayor Rucco recalled the importance of the project: “We have preserved a fundamental work for the city.” (Summary by Angela Balbo)

Now 75, Vicenza Diocese’s Bishop submits retirement letter - June 11, Il Giornale di Vicenza

Bishop Beniamino Pizziol has overseen the Vicenza Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church since 2011. He submitted a request to retire to Pope Francis upon reaching his 75th birthday, the retirement age limit for bishops and priests. In reality, a formal act of resignation was presented a few months ago: "I wanted to give more time for the successor to be chosen," Pizziol said with a smile to his congregation. In reality, Pope Francis didn’t immediately act on Pizziol’s request. In fact, Pope Francis could also ask him to stay until a new appointment is officially announced.  Pizziol's pastoral service began on June 19, 2011. In 11 years as bishop, Pizziol consecrated 37 priests ("among the greatest joys"), and he celebrated funerals for 145 priests. When he arrived there were 520 diocesan priests, now - as mentioned - their number has been reduced to 389. The Dioceses of Vicenza is one of the most important catholic churches in Italy. In numbers, it ranks tenth out of 222 dioceses, based on number of inhabitants (850 thousand), of priests (389), of parishes (355). (Summary by Anna Ciccotti)

Darby Military Community

Riverboat sets sail again in Pontedera June13, il Tirreno

PONTEDERA – Summer arrives and the Andrea boat from Pontedera returns to ply the Arno River. The boat, which has ferried nearly 40,000 passengers on the river since 2008, will be back on the water today for break-in. If all goes as planned, the first run is scheduled for Saturday, June 18. The boat will run on weekends, with free rides led by journalist Mario Mannucci and historian Michele Quirici. The service is public and therefore available to anyone. The boat will set sail from the rowing club's headquarters at Parco dei Salici and ot will offer its rides as long as the warm weather allows. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Regional elections, Tuscany is split in half – June 14, Il Tirreno

TUSCANY – Pistoia's outgoing center-right mayor Alessandro Tomasi wins in the first round. With a lead of more than twenty points over his center-left opponent. The Democratic Party in Tuscany remains firmly the first party. Tuscany has discovered itself as an abstentionist region, as never before. But in general the phenomenon manifested itself everywhere. From this electoral round comes out a Tuscany region with well-drawn political features. The Democratic Party, precisely, first party more or less everywhere. On the right, however, one observes, as in Italy for that matter, an important comeback of Fratelli d'Italia, which is not always allied with Lega and Forza Italia. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Pisa dresses up to celebrate San Ranieri June 14, Discovertuscany

PISA - Ever year on the lungarni in Pisa, at dusk on June 16th, that magic of the Luminara of San Ranieri comes to life. The Pisani have traditionally celebrated the feast day of their patron saint on June 17th with this unique light display. About 70,000 wax candles are placed in transparent glasses and hung on wooden frames painted white to highlight the contours of the palaces, bridges, churches and towers along the riverbanks. The tradition of the Luminara dates to March 25th, 1688, when the urn containing the body of Ranieri degli Scaccieri, patron saint of the city and who died in 1161, was solemnly placed in the chapel in the Pisa Cathedral. The urn’s relocation was an opportunity to host a memorable city festival, inspiring, according to tradition, the “illumination” that took place every three years; in the 1800s, the event was officially named Luminaria. Around 11 p.m. a fireworks show from the Cittadella Vecchia (old citadel) can be best enjoyed from along the river. A word of warning: city streets get very crowded. Consider taking side streets away from the main Corso Italia and Piazza Garibaldi/Borgo Stretto to avoid crowds. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)

Tuscany Pride takes place in Livorno on Saturday June 18 - June 9 Livornotoday

LIVORNO - Toscana Pride is promoted by the associations and organized groups that animate the region in the LGBTIQ+ space (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Asexual), in order to promote full citizenship. The intent is to transform indignation, fear and anger of abuse and discrimination into active and constructive participation. On the occasion of Toscana Pride, which will take place in Livorno on Saturday, June 18, Autolinee Toscane, in agreement with the Municipality of Livorno and the organizers of the event, has arranged a special and extraordinary bus service to enable participants to be able to reach the station and the PalaModigliani car parking area easily at the end of the event. Starting at 7:30 p.m. and until 00:30 a.m., six buses from Terrazza Mascagni (where the final part of Toscane Pride will take place) will take people to the car parking area of Pala Modigliani from which it is a few minutes' walk to the station. More than 15,000 people are expected to participate. Prior to the parade, which will start from Piazza della Repubblica and make its way to the Terrazza Mascagni, the Fortezza Nuova will be rainbow-colored thanks to a series of events aimed at introducing people to this world. (Summary by Chiara Mattirolo)