FORT RUCKER, Ala. (Army News Service, Aug. 10, 2009) -- The U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center staff migrated 15 of the center's main distance learning courses from the Army Training Support Center Blackboard system to the Army Learning Management System, know as ALMS.

CRC's migration to the ALMS puts us at the forefront of the Training and Doctrine Command-mandated change for all Army distance learning courses," said Philip Mizzell, USACR/Safety Center's Non-Resident Training Division chief.

The Army's intent to migrate all distance learning courseware to the ALMS was announced in June 2007 and all Army agencies must complete the migration by Jan. 31, 2011. Mizzell said the Army-wide migration to ALMS will eliminate the multiple learning management systems currently available, thus making Army online training far more user friendly.

"By training on one system, Soldiers will develop an understanding of the ALMS and will not be required to stumble through learning a new system every time there is a training requirement," Mizzell said. "After the migration is complete, Soldiers and commanders should experience less frustration and a higher online training success rate."

While the migration process has begun at the Safety Center, a handful of courses will remain on the old CRUII system, at least for the immediate future while technicians work through some technical migration issues, Mizzell said.

The 15 courses that have already migrated to ALMS are:

Aca,!Ac Commander's Safety Course

Aca,!Ac Additional Duty Safety Course

Aca,!Ac Injury Prevention through Leadership

Aca,!Ac Composite Risk Management Basic Course

Aca,!Ac Composite Risk Management Civilian Course

Aca,!Ac Composite Risk Management Operational Course

Aca,!Ac Theories of Accident Prevention

Aca,!Ac Application of Accident Causation Theory

Aca,!Ac Military Briefings

Aca,!Ac Accident Investigation

Aca,!Ac Collateral Duty Safety Officer's Course

Aca,!Ac Safety Committee Member's Safety Course

Aca,!Ac Employee's Safety Course

Aca,!Ac Supervisor's Safety Course

Aca,!Ac Manager's Safety Course.

Mizzell said all courses should migrate from CRUII to the ALMS by Sept. 30.

Currently, all of the Safety Center's distance learning courses, whether they are a part of the ALMS or CRUII, can be accessed through one main Web site. The Web site, available under the Distance Learning/Online training tab at , contains a complete list of courses and instructions for how to access them.

"Soldiers, civilians and joint forces personnel with Army Knowledge On-line and Defense KnowledgeOn-line accounts will enjoy the ease of training on the ALMS," Mizzell said. "The ALMS helps us ensure that we are able to meet the very important mission of delivering training anytime, anywhere."