Memorial Day 2022

By U.S. Army Combat Readiness CenterMay 23, 2022

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As we prepare to honor the commitment and devotion of our brothers and sisters who gave their lives for our Nation, our freedom, and for democracy, we ask that you also remember that Memorial Day is the traditional start of summer.

The long holiday weekend brings with it the somber reflection of honor and sacrifice, and the joyous beginning of a long-awaited summer, filled with quality time with family and friends, including vacations or quick weekend getaways. Unfortunately, as history tends to repeat itself, this time of year is also the most dangerous period for our Soldiers and results in the greatest number of off-duty mishaps that result in serious injury and even death.

Last year, our Army lost 50 Soldiers to off-duty mishaps during the summer months. Personal risk management is paramount in driving that number down. It begins with junior leaders knowing and understanding their subordinates, serving as role models and leveraging their leadership to bring about positive results. It ends when Soldiers, influenced and motivated by their leaders, assess risks they and their friends and families will face, and mitigate accordingly.

Remember, as you begin this festive weekend and every day after, every Soldier who serves our great Nation is an irreplaceable asset to a team and a supporting family. Also remember, and celebrate, the legacy of the men and women in uniform who came before you and gave their lives for the good of our wonderful country and what it stands for.

Thank you for your unwavering service and dedication.

We wish you all a happy and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and safe summer in the upcoming months.

People First - Winning Matters - Readiness Through Safety!

Andrew C. Hilmes

Brigadier General, USA



James L. Light, Jr.

Command Sergeant Major