3rd ID Soldier Presented with Army Award for Petroleum Excellence

By Sgt. Laurissa HodgesMay 22, 2022

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A petroleum laboratory specialist assigned to Alpha Company, 87th Division Sustainment Support Battalion, 3rd Division Sustainment Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, was presented the U.S. Army Award for Petroleum Excellence runner up at the Department of the Army level on Fort Stewart, Georgia, May 17, 2022.

The U.S. Army’s annual Petroleum Excellence Awards enhance petroleum readiness by recognizing achievements in petroleum management and fuel handling, while promoting awareness and strict adherence to petroleum operations guidelines.

“Cpl. Roy Aldape was selected due to his outstanding performance as the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center Petroleum Laboratory Noncommissioned Officer In Charge while deployed to Iraq and his current operations in garrison serving as the Petroleum Quality Analysis System Enhanced NCOIC providing expedient fuel-testing support throughout the division,” said Capt. Anya Valdez, the commander of Alpha Co.

In order to receive the award petroleum laboratory specialists must set themselves apart from their peers. Through what means/actions (check the website or google the award)

“From what I’ve seen, I feel like what separates me from my peers is that I always execute when there is an absence of guidance,” said Aldape.

Service members are selected by the command team for how they handle missions and utilize their leadership skills.

“Aldape consistently displays extreme confidence in his work and known across the 3rd Infantry Division and the 92L (petroleum laboratory specialist) community as one of the most competent petroleum laboratory specialists in the field,” said Valdez. “His actions and overall contributions to the organization without a doubt made him a clear choice for nomination to win the Outstanding Army Tactical Petroleum Soldier of the Year. He is a phenomenal leader whose performance is unmatched throughout the organization.”

Displaying confidence and being competent is only a single component those striving to receive an award should focus on. Soldiers must also…

“For Soldiers striving to obtain the award, never back down whenever a door opens,” said Aldape. “You know it’s going to be stressful, but take it anyway and never talk down or feel negative about yourself because that will change your whole mindset. Always look for the responsibility and remain positive.”

Aldape also was considered responsible when it came to mission success according to his leadership.

“He delivered superb management over $1,384,000 worth of petroleum supplies and equipment,” said Valdez. “He expertly enabled the successful receipt, storage, and distribution of FET (filter effectiveness test) results for over 1,400 samples of petroleum products supporting multiple Forward Logistics Elements across the operating environment.”

Aldape’s duties, skills, leadership and perseverance continued to expand following the unit’s redeployment from their mission in the Central Command area of operations.

“Upon redeployment, he was a force multiplier during the preparation of the company’s assumption for prepare to deploy operations (PTDO),” said Valdez. “While known throughout the company for his disciplined initiatives and petroleum expertise, he facilitated training and the staging of one 300K Fuel System Supply Point (FSSP) within 24 hours to respond at a moment’s notice.”

Leaders within Alpha Co. are proud one of their Soldiers received the award.

“We are extremely proud of Cpl. Aldape’s exceptional performance and accomplishments thus far,” said Valdez. “This is a huge accomplishment for him in a sense that he competed with Soldiers throughout the entire Army. We are lucky to have such an amazing Soldier within the unit.”

The award serves for recognition, but also an example and inspiration for other Soldiers within Alpha Co. to strive for excellence in their field.

“The service member is well deserving of the award,” said said 1st Sgt. Danny Lampkin, the senior enlisted advisor of Alpha Co. “It sends a message to his peers to also strive for excellence in their craft.”

Receiving the award recognizes a Soldier’s personal values and hard work ethic in contributing to the unit’s success.

“I feel extremely thankful for receiving the award,” said Aldape. “I was always told I could not receive an award for doing my job and this shows that I am an overachiever which is one of the characteristics that I like to say about myself.”

The achievement for Alpha Co. inspires their Soldiers to achieve higher accolades of recognition for their hard work and dedication.

“This creates positive competition between junior-enlisted Soldiers, NCOs and Officers to aim for such a distinct accomplishment,” said Valdez. “Last year, Alpha Company won this award in the tactical unit category and was recognized by the 3ID Commanding General. We are striving to build a culture of excellence throughout the company while ensuring that we put people first.”

As a company that had a Soldier obtain the award two years in a row, Alpha Co. fosters an environment for Soldiers to continue to learn and grow and reep the benefits of their Soldiers being recognized for their hard work and achievements.

“We continuously stress the importance of leaders taking care of Soldiers and rewarding them when the opportunity arise,” said Valdez. “This builds strong teams, trust and confidence in our formations. Cpl. Aldape embodies those characteristics and we have no doubt he will carry it forward to his future assignments.”