U.S. Army South, Argentine army work to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities

By Leanne Thomas, U.S. Army South Public AffairsMay 20, 2022

U.S. Army South, Argentine army work to strengthen cybersecurity capabilities
U.S. Army Maj. Gerardo Grau DeLeon, U.S. Army Cyber Command Cyber Defense Operations Center officer in charge, right, provides an overview of U.S. Army Cyber Command to Col. Luis P. Guimpel, Argentine Army Cyber Command commander, and other Argentine cyber officers May 10 at the Argentine Army Cyber headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Personnel from U.S. Army South coordinated this three-day subject matter expertise exchange with U.S. Army Cyber Command and the Argentine Army Cyber Defense Directorate to share best practices in cyber defense and build cyber program interoperability. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Photo)

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — “In traditional military operations we need to be able to shoot, move and communicate. We need to identify key positions, know the terrain and know enemy capabilities. Cybersecurity is the same concept,” said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Luis D. Nieves, a U.S. Army cyber defender assigned to the U.S. Army 915th Cyber Warfare Battalion. Nieves was chosen as an Army expert during a recent cyber defense subject matter expertise exchange between the U.S. and Argentine armies.

Personnel from U.S. Army South coordinated this three-day exchange with the Argentine Army Cyber Defense Directorate to share how U.S. Army cyber defense plays a role in military operations and defense of the nation.

“We had U.S. Soldiers engaging with the Argentine Army Cyber Defense Division personnel at all echelons from strategic leadership, action officer to the analyst level,” said Sgt. Maj. Albert Dernberger, Army South Fires and Effects Directorate senior enlisted advisor. “It is a very collaborative environment when we talk about cyber and trying to figure out how the adversary maneuvers in that space, so we learn a lot from each other.”

Dernberger explained that we look at cyber partnerships as key players in developing a holistic defensive posture.

“Other countries see similar threats, together we can identify tactics, techniques and procedures of the adversary, and use those things to bolster our security, and in return we are providing that information back through various mechanisms so our partners can bolster their security as well,” he said.

Col. Luis P. Guimpel, director of the Argentine Army Cyber Defense Division led the Argentine army during the exchange and will also serve as the cyber operations cell lead during the annual PANAMAX exercise taking place at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, in August 2022. PANAMAX is a multinational exercise that provides training opportunities for nations to work together and build the capability to plan and conduct complex multinational operations.

“We have always been partners, and these events continue to build that partnership,” said Guimpel.

U.S. Army South has a long-lasting relationship with partner nation armies’ cyber communities of interest and work with cyber professionals in the region to build cybersecurity capacities and capabilities through exchanges, offering opportunities to participate in international cyber conferences and participation in cyber cells during multinational and bilateral exercises.

“We learned a lot about the Argentine army’s challenges with defending their military networks from cyber attacks, and we were able to discuss some of the shared challenges such as talent retention and organizational development,” said Dernberger.

As the exchange came to a close, Guimpel shared knowledge from one of his military professors during his time as a young army lieutenant.

“No one person or organization can know everything,” he said. “That piece of information holds true today, over 30 years later. It is imperative that we continue to come together and share information so we can continue strengthening our defenses.”