Danielle DeFreese spoke to personnel and staff from 16 different colleges and universities during the virtual JMC Career Center Forum.
Danielle DeFreese spoke to personnel and staff from 16 different colleges and universities during the virtual JMC Career Center Forum. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

Recently, the U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command hosted a virtual Career Center Forum to enhance JMC’s recruitment efforts in competing for top talent to accomplish the mission. This event brought together representatives from 16 different colleges and universities from across the country. JMC personnel provided information on the command’s mission, vacant positions, federal employment benefits, and how to navigate the federal application process.

Feedback received during recent college and university job fairs indicated that many college students were not aware of the opportunities available with the federal government and were not comfortable with the application process. JMC’s Human Resources Department capitalized on the opportunity to increase outreach and clarify some of the confusion surrounding the federal hiring process.

Human Resources partnered with the JMC Equal Employment Opportunity Office to reach out to colleges and universities across the country. The event provided pertinent information to school employees with the most influence on reaching students during their career searches. Targeting career center personnel ensured the consistency of JMC’s message and engagement, building a solid relationship with each school and its student body.

“This event is important because it shows that JMC is taking a proactive approach in reaching potential applicants. By reaching out to these schools, we are letting them know that their students are important to us and that we have something great to offer in terms of employment opportunities,” said JMC’s Command Sergeant Major Petra Casarez.

Two JMC employees, Robert Kitchen and Danielle DeFreese, provided testimonials, sharing specific information on federal benefits and tips and tricks for applying through USAJobs. Jill King, the event facilitator and instructor, provided information on USAJobs and led the question and answer portion of the day.

Kitchen was excited to participate and share his experiences, saying “The Career Center Forum is a great platform to share how the federal workforce is a way for someone to serve their country and make a good living doing so.” He was even more interested in sharing his JMC story. “JMC is top-notch when it comes to giving employees a healthy work-life balance, while also providing meaningful and engaging assignments and opportunities.”

“Feedback from the participating colleges and universities has been very positive,” said Norbert Hererra, JMC’s Human Resources Deputy Chief of Staff. “We look forward to building and sustaining relationships with these colleges and universities in hopes of making JMC a household name.”

JMC and its 17 subordinate arsenals, depots and ammunition plants produce, store, distribute and demilitarize all conventional munitions for the U.S. Department of Defense. The enterprise is accountable for billions of dollars of munitions and missiles. To learn more or access USAJOBs, visit JMC website here: www.jmc.army.mil.