ARLINGTON, Va. –Headquarters, Army selected Sgt. 1st Class Brandy Jackson-Frazer, U. S. Army North Atlantic Treaty Organization Brigade, as the nominee for the 2021 DOD Liz Blanc Exceptional SARC of the Year Award. Jackson-Frazer was recognized for exceptional service in victim assistance and prevention of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

With responsibilities spanning 37 locations, Jackson-Frazer provided services through a vast network that included collaboration with 20 partnering nations to provide a multifaceted responsive plan of action.  By working with internal and inter-agency networks and NATO resources that are closer to geographically separated units, her plan of action for sexual assault first responders delivered uninterrupted service.

Her program includes victim access to 24-hours a day, 7-days a week SHARP services and professional, quality response from agencies such as chaplain, legal and medical. Jackson-Frazier also coordinated with these partnering agencies in the development of a resource location tool-kit she delivered for USAREUR-AF command.

“Sgt. 1st Class Jackson-Frazer is a force multiplier who creates a positive, strategic effect within her brigade,” said Jill Londagin, ARD SHARP program director. “Through her hard work and dedication to the SHARP program, Army personnel have someone who is always developing prevention efforts to protect them and their Families.”

Collateral duty is assigned to Soldiers for various programs within the Army. Often times Soldiers don’t receive proper assistance due to collateral duty representatives not being properly trained on how to support victims or develop prevention programs.  This was one of the findings revealed in the DoD Independent Review Commission on Sexual Assault in the Military report.

Jackson-Frazer understood the need for quality collateral duty advocates. She created training and commander interview questions for new advocates, resulting in informed leaders assigned to U.S. NATO Brigade.

Jackson-Frazer went the extra mile to ensure the collateral duty representatives understood the importance of their position and are able to provide the highest quality of care. She incorporated ROC drills to include coordinating the testing of victim advocate response times, procedures, and practices as an internal validating exercise.  Her efforts ensured those charged with program requirements are effective and mission ready.

According to her command team, her efforts resulted in identification of significant obstacles in location-dependent communication methods; she was able to bridge the gap through the creation of agreements with subordinate units, sister services, and agencies to streamline victim advocate response times.

“As the Brigade’s SARC, through extraordinary and effective program management, her performance brings to fruition that each and every unique training and education opportunity it capitalized upon, building on existing momentum to eliminate sexual harassment and assault, and ensure that all members our command, civilian and military alike, are in a work climate where they are treated with dignity and respect,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Bryan Valenzuela.

Valenzuela went on to state that Jackson-Frazer is the ideal example of a SHARP professional who continues to go above and beyond her duties to provide vital support to our nation’s Service Members, Civilians, and their Families.