Faces of TRADOC: Maj. Judith Morgan, Division Chief of Strategic Engagements, Plans, and Operations

By Shelby Ethington, TRADOC Communication DirectorateMay 12, 2022

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Editor’s note: The Army’s People Strategy focuses on the entirety of human performance, developing leadership and optimizing performance for all components of Army readiness. Faces of TRADOC supports the Army's People Line of Effort by highlighting exceptional TRADOC team members through their stories. The campaign highlights the Army’s greatest asset, our people.

JOINT BASE LANGLEY-EUSTIS, Va. – “Be all you can be.” For Maj. Judith Morgan, the phrase has influenced her life since the first time she heard it in 1997. Having moved from Jamaica to New York, Morgan wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after high school. Before seeing that commercial, she hadn’t considered the Army, but afterward asked her uncle to take her down to the recruiting station.

“They gave me a test, and they said, ‘Oh, you blew this out of the water. When can you leave? You can do any job,’” Morgan said.

After that moment, Morgan told her family she was joining the Army. She served for four years before taking a break to go to college and work outside the military. But she missed the Army, and felt she truly needed to be a part of that community to be all that she could be.

She credits the Army for making her the person she is today. Coming into the service out of high school, she began to learn who she was, who she wanted to be, and what she valued.

“The values you bring to the organization are further strengthened by the Army values,” she said.

Morgan came to TRADOC after participating in the Maj. Gen. James Wright MBA Fellowship, which she applied to as a way to develop herself and broaden her skills. At TRADOC, she is responsible for planning and executing engagements for the command’s leaders with outside organizations and subordinate commanders.

Last year, Morgan was an essential part in planning “Remember the Fallen,’ a series of events that commemorated Memorial Day. She also helped plan the Senior Enlisted Training/Leader Development Forum, worked on the Army People Synchronization Conference, and the TRADOC Commanders Forums that happen quarterly. This year she is the lead for the Twilight Tattoo TRADOC is hosting on May 18 at Joint Base Myer – Henderson Hall.

While planning can seem like a position that involves spending a lot of time behind a computer, what Morgan loves the most about the job is the opportunity to interact with others.

“It’s really great to be able to sit with all the senior leaders and hear them talk about plans and see what they want for the future of the Army, how they’d like to see the organization progress, and how people are a part of that development itself,” Morgan said.

Why do you serve?

I serve because I love the camaraderie. Originally, I served for four years and then I went to college. I really missed the camaraderie, the cohesiveness, the teamwork and I had this calling to serve. You do this because you love it. You don't just do it because it's a job. It's my desire to serve. I want to be a part of something greater, something bigger. As long as we work together, we can achieve anything.

Why do you continue to serve?

I continue to serve because I still have the passion and the desire to serve. I look forward to mentoring others. I walk into the room and I start talking to people. I always leave the conversation feeling glad that I spoke to them because you get to learn about other people, and you never know where people are at the time you're talking to them. You may be able to say a word or two that will encourage them.

What's your personal mission statement?

“BE ALL I CAN BE.” I'm just going to be all I can be to all people, to help the force, to help the juniors coming in, to help the leaders accomplish their goal, and the mission of the organization. At the same time, build myself, get developed, and mentored.

How have you seen yourself grow and develop?

I had to learn to develop myself. I learned how to coordinate, organize, and build relationships. The whole person - your whole physical, mental, holistic, health and fitness well-being. I think I was able to, and am still able to, benefit from what the Army has to offer in terms of training and classes. In return, the Army is benefiting from my zeal and my desire to serve it, to be all I can be.

What would you say to someone who's thinking about working at TRADOC?

TRADOC gives you the opportunity to expand your horizon. It helps you view a bigger picture of what the Army does from accessions, getting the Army brand out there, to get [Soldiers] on board, being trained, and equipped to go and serve. We have TRADOC service members and civilians who deploy and support the fight abroad. We do a wide range of activities people may not even realize. TRADOC is a great organization to be a part of. You have the opportunity to serve, develop and to learn a lot more than you could imagine.