Army Materiel Command announces the Employees of the Quarter for fourth quarter, fiscal year 2021.
Army Materiel Command announces the Employees of the Quarter for fourth quarter, fiscal year 2021. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- An essential part of the “People First” philosophy at Army Materiel Command is to ensure employees receive recognition for excellence in performance. Recently, AMC announced 11 employees being recognized through its Employee of the Quarter program, fourth quarter, fiscal year 2021.

The employees represent all aspects of the AMC mission, including contracting, management analysis, communications and engineering. Each employee is representative of an organization of civilians and military personnel whose outstanding and innovative contributions make a direct positive impact on mission goals every day, said AMC Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Walt Duzzny.

In addition to recognizing outstanding performance of work, some of the key program objectives acknowledged by this award include progressing a culture of achievement and productivity, contributing to a positive work environment, increasing retention and improving employee engagement to impact overall morale.

Receiving an award like the Employee of the Quarter is both an honor and a humbling experience, said awardee Pat Eldrige, an information technology specialist with the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.

“I am humbled that someone took the time to recognize the work that I am doing and I am incredibly honored to be receiving the Employee of the Quarter Award,” he said. “I believe that having a solid awards program lets both the nominees and award winners know that they are a valued member of the team, and that the work they are doing matters. Being recognized by one's peers instills a sense of pride and accomplishment, and lets you know that you are not just another face in the crowd.”

Eldrige and fellow awardee Mark Manor, Environmental Division Chief, Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command G4 (Logistics), agree the Employee of the Quarter program not only motivates the awardees but also the entire workforce to make positive contributions to their organization.

“It inspires others to strive to achieve excellence and serves as a method of sharing best practices and fosters follow-on collaboration that otherwise might not occur,” Manor said.

Eldrige’s job in support of SDDC’s 598th Transportation Brigade S6 (Communications) includes responsibilities as a portable electronics devices manger, communications security custodian, deployable communications manager, telephone control officer and video teleconference manager, as well as providing customer support, systems administration and procurement.

“When you work in the S6 for a dynamic, fast moving organization like the 598th, there is never a dull moment,” Eldrige said. “The diversity of duties and responsibilities working for a Brigade S6 ensures that there will be new challenges every single day and that the job never becomes routine.

SDDC’s 598th Transportation Brigade is geographically dispersed across Europe and deploys its team members to port facilities that support the movement of Army equipment and operations throughout the theater.

“The S6 and communication function are absolutely critical to the brigade's success. Without communication, connectivity and access to its network and systems, the 598th could not accomplish its transportation mission,” Eldrige said.

“The Brigade S6 ensures that our customers have access to communications equipment that has been thoroughly tested, well maintained and ready to be deployed anywhere, any time to ensure mission success. We ensure that the personnel using the equipment have been well trained to guarantee our missions have competent S6 support from start to finish.”

While Eldrige’s job is centered on mission support in Europe, Manor is focused on improving the Army’s environmental footprint in the U.S. through scrap recycling programs he worked to establish at TACOM’s Anniston Army Depot, Red River Army Depot, Sierra Army Depot, Watervliet Arsenal and the Joint Manufacturing Technical Center-Rock Island Arsenal.

TACOM’s Army Working Capital Fund (AWCF) Scrap Program and its Installation Scrap Recycling Teams were established in March 2021 after AMC gave TACOM delegation of authority to develop and train scrap recycling teams within TACOM’s arsenals and depots to directly sell scrap to benefit TACOM’s AWCF account.  Since then, Manor has been working with the five sites to establish a program unique to the mission.

“This was a build-from-the-ground-up type of program,” Manor said. “There was little to no guidance on how to set it up, but the closest type activity is the Qualified Recycling Program. AWCF scrap is much more complex because it is subject to Demilitarization and Trade Security Control determinations. It also required being built with accounting auditability measures.”

It was important, Manor said, to get the finances correct with the Department of Defense and to work through issues with Trade Security Control because the “proceeds from the sale of scrap and equipment go back into the respective installation's AWCF account to reduce the rates that we charge our customers. It makes us more competitive and benefits all of DOD.”

Both Eldrige and Manor said their success is part of a team effort.

“The success of the scrap recycling program is based on the fantastic support I got from fellow TACOM staff-level people, and most importantly, from the installation-level people working on this program,” Manor said. “The most enjoyable part of my work is the environmental challenges and the fantastic support I receive from AMC Headquarters, TACOM staff and the dedicated environmental professionals at the installation levels.”

That sentiment was echoed by Eldrige: “The teamwork at the brigade is of the highest quality and the dedication to the mission, any mission, is unparalleled.”

AMC’s Employee of the Quarter awardees for Fourth Quarter, Fiscal Year 2021 are:

·        Kari Hawkins, Public Affairs Specialist Headquarters, Army Materiel Command, for expertly planning, coordinating and facilitating senior leader participation at several high visibility community relations engagements, including an Armed Forces Celebration luncheon and Alabama Veterans Museum opening.

·        Elsa Aguon, Contract Specialist, Army Contracting Command, for executing a competitive Multiple Award-Indefinite Delivery and Indefinite Quantity for Environmental Compliance and Conservation valued at $22.5 million, resulting in eight awards after negotiations with 14 interested parties.

·        Laura Arenivas, Management Analyst, Chemical Materials Activity, for being integral to executing all recruitment and retention processes to maintain sufficient staffing to support the chemical munitions storage and munitions shipment mission.

·        Sgt. First Class Samara S. Burnett, Operations Sergeant, Army Sustainment Command, for her constant display of the Army values, proving these values are not just words, but the standards to live up to in the performance of duty.

·        Kelli N. Credle, Small Business Professional, Communications-Electronics Command, for providing exceptional support and dedication as an employee within the Office of Small Business Program.

·        Brian W. Dowell, Explosive Safety Specialist, Joint Munitions Command, for proactively working with both Army and Navy professionals to meet the challenging deadline regarding its program for “grandfathering” exempted explosive magazines.

·        Patrick W. Eldrige, Information Technology Specialist, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, for single handedly managing all S6 (Staff Communications) functions facilitating continued operations for Headquarters and deployed personnel.

·        Mark L. Manor, Environmental Protection Specialist, Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, for directly supporting each TACOM installation’s development of scrap recycling teams and ensuring each organization’s staff were properly trained.

·        Leah J. Trusley, Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist, Aviation and Missile Command, for working  diligently with Senior Leaders from the original equipment manufacturers to establish a path forward, providing AMCOM with confidence that the supply chain was moving in the right direction.

·        Raymond S. Webster, Country Program Manager, Security Assistance Command, for setting the standard for Letter of Offer and Acceptance development, and consistently achieving 85 percent timeliness, and for being a top performer within his division who is often called upon to handle the most difficult tasks.

·        Ann M. Wood, Physical Scientist, Installation Management Command, for providing outstanding leadership and selfless service to enable the West and Pacific Region Division Team to accomplish a myriad of high visibility actions across her area of operation, which spreads across Environmental Protection Agency Regions 9 and 10 and the Pacific to include Kwajalein Atoll.

A placard honoring each selectee is being displayed on and in the north hallway at AMC Headquarters, 4400 Martin Road, Redstone Arsenal.