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The Army has announced the use of an improved method to collect specimens in support of its drug testing program.

The new Drug Testing Program—Client Collection System—will generate a two dimensional bar code label which will be placed on the specimen bottle. The use of the two-dimensional bar code label will eliminate sending the DD Form 2624, Chain of Custody Form, to the Drug Testing Lab.

“We’re through the initial testing,” said Tom Gilliard, Deterrence Program Manager,

“and have now moved to implementation and production.”

All identifying information for each Soldier will be imprinted on the bar code label.

There are two versions of the Drug Testing Program—Web based Drug Testing Program and Drug Testing Program Lite, according to Mr. Gilliard. The Web based Drug Testing Program Full saves all the data while Drug Testing Program Lite does not.

The program is seeing significant benefits of the two dimensional change in the lab, according to Gilliard.

“As with any implementation of a new process there are always going to be issues that need to be addressed and opportunities for improvement,” he said. “We are planning to provide updated versions of the Drug Testing Program Lite on a quarterly basis to address any opportunities that arise.”

The Army decision to replace the current system was made in December 2021 to make the newer version the primary software for drug testing.

“This new system will add assurance for proper custody and tracking over the legacy system,” said Gilliard.

The use of the current collection system will no longer be accepted at the Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory effective July 23, 2022.

Commanders will ensure all appropriate documentation, including chain of custody forms, are properly maintained at the unit to support any administrative or disciplinary actions taken as a result of a positive urinalysis.

Commanders should seek the advice of their servicing Judge Advocates to verify compliance.

For additional information about the Army Substance Abuse Program, go to www.armyresilience.army.mil/asap.