Runners participate in the Run in Their Shoes 5K to raise awareness for domestic violence during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October 2021.
Runners participate in the Run in Their Shoes 5K to raise awareness for domestic violence during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October 2021.
(Photo Credit: Photo by Jonathan Stinson)

The Commander’s Ready and Resilient Council serves as the Redstone senior commander’s platform to articulate the focus, conditions and resources required to fulfill the Army’s Ready and Resilient objectives.

CR2C assesses and monitors installation high-risk, mitigation strategies, improves readiness and resilience, synchronizes activities and advances health promotion, risk reduction, and suicide prevention on Redstone.

Redstone Senior Commander Lt. Gen. Donnie Walker chaired the virtual CR2C meeting Feb. 8 with more than 30 leaders from organizations throughout Redstone.

The CR2C team, led by Garrison Commander Col. Glenn Mellor and Bryan Copeland, community readiness and resilience integrator for the installation, participated in the meeting, informing Walker on second quarter updates.

Copeland said his team is making progress addressing issues of concern for the Redstone community.

“CR2C is a tool to mobilize resources,” he said. “We want to show how the four working groups have established metrics within their platforms to measure progress and success in meeting our goals as we continue to develop a strategic plan. CR2C is a tool to mobilize resources. We’ve gathered enough information from these discussions, along with past practices and other historical data that will allow the senior commander to set his priorities for our team. Our team will continue to raise awareness on CR2C initiatives and intensify our effort to build a stronger workforce based on the five pillars of Army wellness.”

Participants heard working group reports from the Behavioral Health, Family and Social Resiliency, Spiritual Health and Social Resiliency. These groups are chaired by Redstone subject matter experts and meet monthly.

Topics discussed during the update included Department of the Army quality of life priorities (housing, health care, child care, spouse employment, PCS moves, support and resilience and suicide prevention) and five pillars of wellness (emotional, family, physical, social and spiritual), the Community Resource Guide and the results of the Community Strengths and Themes Assessment survey held at Redstone.

Additionally, the CR2C team provided information on the Exchange restaurants, MWR facilities and walking trails, religious support activities, Commissary Click-2-Go, COVID-19, teleworking, SHARP and domestic violence awareness initiatives and the Digital Garrison app.

Walker thanked the CR2C Council for their efforts. He asked participants to make him aware of any barriers or challenges.

“One of the goals of this meeting is to provide solutions to address concerns,” Walker said. “When we come together in this forum, I’d like to get updates on matters that have been brought up during previous discussions. I want to ensure we’re making progress with CR2C. If there are any challenging areas that need my attention, reach out to my staff to get on my calendar so I can elevate these concerns. You have my support.”

Redstone leaders showed their commitment for improving the overall health of Redstone members by participating in the council update.

Bill Marks, deputy director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center’s Office of Center Operations, said having the CR2C updates are helpful.

“Thanks for including Redstone organizations as part of these updates because it’s been incredibly rewarding to be a part of this discussion,” Marks said. “Some good information was put out today. Having this knowledge allows us to keep our workforce abreast of the resources that are available to them on Redstone Arsenal. This also shows how you‘re making wellness a top priority. You’re doing a great job.”