Veterans bond through adversity, bowl to victory
From left, Team Turbo’s Gary Livingston, Dave Axon, Paul Rumbaugh, Troy Kiser,

Jerry Brewster and Scott Huther won the 2022 Military Retired All-Events

Championship in Las Vegas, Jan. 21. The event hosted over 300 six-person

teams and nearly 2,000 bowlers. (Photo Credit: Courtesy)

A Security Assistance Command employee joined other veterans to take top honors in the annual Military Bowling Championships. Team Turbo claimed first place in the Retired Military Division at the event in Las Vegas, Jan. 21.

The team consisted of three retired Air Force and three retired Army service members, including USASAC’s liaison to U.S. Central Command Scott Huther.

Huther moved from Redstone Arsenal, where he was USASAC’s branch chief for its AFRICOM Directorate, to Tampa, Florida, to serve as USASAC’s liaison to U.S. Central Command. He said bowling has provided a way to maintain relationships and continue the camaraderie he experienced during his military service.

“I really enjoy bowling,” Huther said. “You get to meet people, see friends and travel. My teammates and I became friends through bowling military championships while in the service.”

Team Turbo’s Paul Rumbaugh, Jerry Brewster, Dave Axon, Troy Kiser, Gary Livingston and Huther have taken that friendship and turned it into a winning combination, claiming the All-Events Championships four of the last six years at the annual Military Bowling Championships.

Success in the lanes isn’t anything new for Huther. He was an All-Army champion in 1991, nine-time qualifier for the Team USA National Finals, and a member of the Alabama State Bowling Hall of Fame. He has bowled 30 perfect games, including back-to back 300 games twice.

“I’ve had many bowling accomplishments over the years, but nothing compared to this year’s military championships in Las Vegas,” Huther said. “The scoreboard showed our team in second place of 102 teams with only two frames remaining in the tournament. We all knew what we needed to do in order to win and all six bowlers struck out. It wasn’t until the last ball was thrown the scoreboard changed from second to first place and we knew Team Turbo was the 2022 military retired all-events champion.”

Along with earning the all-events championship, Turbo’s Axon walked away with the individual all-events crown.

“Winning Team, Team All-Events and Individual All-Events put a warmth in my heart,” Axon said. “Our adversity only led to strength! With all the accomplishments our team has had throughout the years, this one week’s event showed how six people became one. This is one year I will never forget.”

The adversity Axon spoke of for this year’s championship was an emotional one for Team Turbo, with Rumbaugh recently losing his wife and Huther and Axon losing their mothers just days before the event.

“The Las Vegas military bowling championship trip was something that my mother shared with me many times over the years,” Huther said. “It was tough being there without her and was worse that I could not call her after we won to share the great news. Accomplishing this with great friends, who many had gone through recent tragedy will rank up with anything else I have ever accomplished in bowling.”

Axon’s mother was his inspiration, the reason he started bowling many years ago.

“It was very hard for me to compete, but each and every one of my teammates provided comfort and the inspiration to carry on!” Axon said. “This made me stronger and more focused to win not only for my mom but for each and every one of my teammates.”

Both Axon and Huther agreed that Team Turbo, who have been playing together for 15 years, are more than friends, but rather a bowling family.

Nearly 2,000 bowlers competed in this year’s Military Bowling Championships across three categories: Active and DOD Civilians; Retired Military; and Senior Retired bowlers where each member must be at least 60 years old.