SAN ANTONIO -- Each March, the National Defense Center for Energy and Environment publishes a 30-day call for project proposals to be funded in the following fiscal year.

NDCEE is a Department of Defense program whose mission is to demonstrate and transition technology solutions in support of the DoD as it strives to enhance readiness, meet sustainability goals and support warfighters at home and abroad. Innovative technologies are demonstrated and validated at active DoD installations for military application.

Proven technologies are transitioned to the services, other federal agencies, and the public. NDCEE serves as a national resource for advancing technologies and processes that address high-priority environmental, safety, occupational health, and energy challenges. Created by Congressional mandate in 1991, NDCEE works to integrate ESOHE impact decisions into the life-cycle planning of DoD activities.

Proven technologies that are beyond the research stage are considered strong project candidates. Projects must meet the basic eligibility requirements and clearly address four scoring criteria:

  1. mission/readiness
  2. technical quality
  3. transition potential
  4. modernization/innovation

NDCEE provides a direct funding process for DoD agencies seeking to demonstrate, validate and transition commercially available off-the-shelf as well as hot off-the-lab bench innovations for military application.

Funded projects typically range from 1-2 years with an average annual cost of $100,000 – $400,000.

A support agreement is signed by each DoD Installation willing to demonstrate the technology; a DoD transition partner is required to ensure the successful project is implemented DoD-wide.

The following projects were selected to begin in fiscal year 2022:

  • 6T HYbrid Power Energy Router (6T-HYPER) - 6T Based Bidirectional Inverter Cap
  • Intelligent Battery Tray for Small-and Medium-sized Surveillance Robots
  • Marine Corps Secure Tactical Advanced Mobile Power (MCSTAMP) Hybrid Dashboard
  • Demonstration and Validation of Dripless Brush Zinc-Nickel Electroplating as a Cadmium Alternative
  • DoD Enterprise-wide Chromium-Free Technology Selection Tool DoD-wide Toxic Metals Alternatives Tool
  • Zero Water Footprint Strategy for Agile Bases
  • Unmanned Helicopter Hook-up for Sling Load Operations

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health is designated by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations Energy and Environment as the NDCEE DoD lead agent. The U.S. Army Environmental Command supports NDCEE with program management and oversight.

Transitioned projects will ensure the NDCEE program remains an enabler in accomplishing the DoD mission with an emphasis on “achieving dominant capabilities through innovation and technical excellence.”

The FY23 call for NDCEE project proposals is from Mar. 1 through Apr. 1, 2022. For additional information on NDCEE or how to submit a nomination package, please visit the website: or contact NDCEE’s program manager at (210) 793-7882.