America's Military: Spc. Emily Barringer
Spc. Emily Barringer is assigned to Medical Department Activity with duty at Kenner Army Health Clinic (Photo Credit: Courtesy) VIEW ORIGINAL

Hometown: Asheboro, North Carolina

Age: 20

MOS: 68X – behavior health specialist. According to the website, behavioral health specialists work under the supervision of psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers to help administer mental health care to service members. They conduct intake interviews and counsel patients to ensure they get the treatment they need to be productive and healthy members of the Army. Additionally, specialists are needed to help fellow Soldiers learn to manage any existing mental health conditions, behavior problems, struggles with drugs and alcohol, and stresses that arise as part of Army service.

Place of duty: Kenner Army Health Clinic.

Why you chose your MOS: “Because I have always found psychology interesting, and I like helping people.”

Your biggest challenge as a behavior health specialist: “Simply explaining things. I need to work on my communication skills so I can staff with providers and talk with patients better.”

What are your pastimes? “Hiking and playing the fiddle and mandolin.”

What are your personality strengths? “I am easygoing, and I like helping others.”

What are your personality weaknesses? “I tend to avoid conflict, and I sometimes get too stressed over small things.”

Talk about your upbringing: “I grew up in a family that enjoys camping, hiking, hunting and making scarfs.”

Your worst fear: “My worst fear would be if there was no wilderness left on the earth and it was fully developed.”

Your favorite movie: “‘Where the Red Fern Grows’ (based on a book by Wilson Rawls).’”

One person you admire: “I admire Robert M. (someone she met in advanced individual training) because he is good at listening to people and understanding what they mean by what they say. He also is very wise and thinks before he speaks.”

A famous person you would like to meet: “Alan Jackson because he is a great singer and songwriter, and he seems like a wise and genuine person.”

If you could do anything, anywhere right now, what and where would it be? “I would probably like to hang glide in Montana.”

Something no one would guess about you: “I enjoy flatfooting at fiddlers conventions.”

Why you joined the Army: “To get an education. I would like to complete my bachelor’s degree in order to become a game warden.”

What it means to wear the uniform: “Representing the Army by making sure to always follow the Army Values.”

Best thing about the Army: “In my opinion, the best thing about the Army is that you have an opportunity to do many different things. I like doing different tasks. It might not be fun tasks or tasks you are interested in, but it is nice to get out of routine.”

Worst thing about the Army: “I guess the worst thing about the Army is the restrictions, but they are not that bad. A few restrictions would be that you cannot go more than 250 miles (when on pass due to COVID); get your car inspected before you go on leave; and regularly get your room inspected if you live in the barracks.”

Where see yourself in five years: “I would like to be a game warden in Montana.”