DoD awards contract with Capgemini to strengthen Army Enterprise Common Shared Services

By Nicole SikorskiFebruary 15, 2022

FORT BELVOIR, Va., – The U.S. Army CIO Enterprise Cloud Management Agency (ECMA) and Army Contracting Command Rock Island (ACC-RI) awarded the Enterprise Common Shared Services (ECSS) contract to Capgemini Government Solutions on Feb 7, 2022.

The contract will provide expansion and continuous improvement to the cARMY Common Shared Cloud Services across multiple cloud environments, classifications and geographic locations to serve the global mission of the U.S. Army.

This partnership will increase the Army’s readiness and lethality while enabling the expansion and continued services provided by cARMY, the backbone for ECSS.

“It isn’t enough to simply apply the science of delivering cloud common services and succeed at the scale of the Army,” said Paul Puckett, ECMA Director. “There is an art in providing enterprise IT services that people love to use in addition to meeting the mission need.”

ECSS will enable the elimination of stovepipes of data and make it more accessible for near-time collaboration, reduce complexity and duplication of effort, and will increase security and Army-wide adoption of cloud-computing technologies.

For more information about the Army Cloud and mission enabling services like cARMY, visit the ECMA website at