McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP) firefighters recently conducted a vehicle extraction exercise for Army Reserve Soldiers to help train on new equipment that can help save lives.

Soldiers from the 395th Ordnance Company, Appleton, Wis., utilized equipment from the fire company's newest asset: a Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck Tactical Fire Fighting Truck (HEMTT TFFT) to increase their level of knowledge in safely extracting persons trapped in vehicles following an accident.

Fire department Shift Captain, Emory Dilbeck, MCAAP, conducted the training exercise. "I want the Soldiers to be more comfortable working with the truck and to ensure there is no problem working as a team."

The equipment was laid out and Soldiers became familiar with the different types of equipment, options for utilizing different tools for various applications and choosing the right one for the situation.

Spc. Sadie Spurka said, "This equipment is easy to use. Before this, we didn't really use our equipment."

Soldiers were introduced to proper techniques for breaking windows, cutting out windshields, removing doors, roofs, dashboards, seats and gaining access to vehicles depending on the situation.

"Hands down- this is the best training so far," said Spc. Adam Vogel.

When all was said and done, little remained intact of the old vehicle, but what remained with the Soldiers were the invaluable lessons learned in saving somebody's life.

"This was more advanced training than fire school on vehicle extractions," said Spurka.