AFC Year in Review 2021
AFC Year in Review 2021 (Photo Credit: Army Futures Command) VIEW ORIGINAL

AUSTIN, Texas – On Friday, U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC) released its 2021 Year in Review, launching a new webpage to highlight command-wide successes and lessons learned in 2021.

The online Year in Review provides an interactive look at the command’s top modernization accomplishments during the year, which included opening the doors of its Army Software Factory, achieving breakthroughs in COVID-19 medical research and executing Project Convergence 2021, the largest Joint Force experiment in 15 years.

The platform additionally delves into cutting-edge research and development activities executed by AFC’s laboratories, centers, subordinate commands and Cross-Functional teams, as well as vital partnerships fostered with leading universities, innovative startups and agile small businesses around the country.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the work put forth by our team members this past year,” said Lt. Gen. James Richardson, Acting Commanding General of AFC.

“The combined expertise of our incredible researchers, scientists, engineers, academic and industry partners, Army civilians and Soldiers continues to ensure that the Army will be ready for whatever the future holds,” he added.

AFC’s multi-faceted 2021 efforts – many of which incorporated Soldier touchpoints – served to accelerate delivery of the Army’s 31+4 signature modernization systems; as a result, 24 new systems are scheduled to be in the hands of Soldiers by fiscal year 2023.

About Army Futures Command:

Army Futures Command leads the persistent modernization of the Army to provide future warfighters with the concepts, capabilities and organizational designs needed to dominate a future battlefield.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, AFC has more than 26,000 people worldwide. The Army's six modernization priorities are the focus of AFC’s eight Cross-Functional Teams: Long Range Precision Fires; Next Generation Combat Vehicle; Future Vertical Lift; Network; Air and Missile Defense; Soldier Lethality; Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing/Space; and Synthetic Training Environment. The Army Artificial Intelligence Integration Center, Army Software Factory and Army Applications Lab also support AFC efforts.

Collaborating with entrepreneurs, scientists, industry and academia, AFC strives to create the best solutions to keep Soldiers safe and America strong. For more information, visit