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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- The Army People Strategy’s mission and vision are clear: The Army will acquire, develop, employ, and retain the diversity of Soldier and Civilian talent needed to achieve Army readiness. In recent years, the Army has maintained a strong focus on taking care of its People.

In 2019, Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston set forth the “This is My Squad” (TIMS) initiative with the goal of building more cohesive units across the Army and empowering noncommissioned officers with the leadership skills to anticipate issues and address them early on.

Army Materiel Command is taking that initiative one step further with the “This is My Organization” (TiMO) initiative. TiMO is a holistic, multidisciplinary approach for the AMC enterprise to create an environment that embraces equality and people first, and builds pride in the organization.

“It is our people who will achieve AMC’s, our Army’s, and our nation’s goals, and their success relies on a healthy work environment,” emphasized Gen. Ed Daly, commanding general of AMC. “Our vision is an AMC culture that embraces diversity, promotes mental and physical health, provides transparency, builds trust, and ensures dignity and respect throughout our workforce.”

Daly explained that TiMO is a proactive, overarching concept he hopes will bind AMC’s workforce of 175,000 Soldiers, Army Civilians and contractors to each other and to AMC’s mission.

While TIMS is an Army initiative mainly focused on Soldiers, Daly saw the need to have a similar initiative exclusively for civilians, according to Dr. Charmaine Harrington, a ready and resilient program manager and AMC’s TiMO lead.

“TIMS and TiMO are not related but are similar because both aim to strengthen both the military and civilian workforce,” she explained. “Moreover, because the civilian population is somewhat unique from the military, GEN Daly focuses on creating a harmonious environment that embraces equality and people first. To accomplish that, we must treat others with respect and dignity.”

The TiMO initiative is about establishing a culture by taking advantage of the numerous resources, services and programs AMC offers to promote a safe and inclusive workplace while encouraging professional development and growth, said Lisha Adams, AMC’s executive deputy to the commanding general. From wellness training, the SHARP program, and the Holistic Health and Fitness System; to Ready Army Civilian and the monthly Leadership Professional Development classes, AMC has worked hard to curate a work environment that focuses on people.

“By taking part in these services, you can take ownership of your workplace, and take control over your future in this organization,” Adams said. “AMC belongs to all of us. Take pride in TiMO.”

The TiMO measures put into place come down to individual responsibility and accountability. TiMO ensures that employees understand leadership’s vision and AMC’s culture, while providing feedback on employee perception and experiences within the command.

Ultimately, TiMO aims to enhance AMC’s path toward:

• A healthy working environment, which strengthens unit-level cohesion and addresses issues such as suicide, sexual harassment and morale;

• Success and longevity, which makes the organization stronger by increasing recruitment and job satisfaction;

• Respect and dignity, which encourages listening and allows for adjustment as it’s needed; and

• A stronger tie to the Army’s core values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.