A lot is happening to help AMCOM make a necessary digital transformation.
A lot is happening to help AMCOM make a necessary digital transformation. (Photo Credit: iStock.com/onurdongel) VIEW ORIGINAL

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. — Much is being done behind the scenes at the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Data and Analytics Center.

Established in September 2020, the center's goal is to create and maintain an overarching data and analytics program. The AMCOM Data and Analytics Strategy was signed in the summer and efforts are under way to build on the groundwork that has been laid.

“We are continuing to lay the foundation,” said AMCOM Data and Analytics Center Director and Chief Data and Analytics Officer Joyce Myers. “The ADAC is responsible for establishing data governance and transforming the way AMCOM does business [and] is focusing on data quality as a core component of its data governance.”

Last year, AMCOM Commander Maj. Gen. Todd Royar said quality data will drive virtually all future decisions. “Data quality is not just one thing,” said Francisco “Frank” Villanueva, AMCOM chief data steward. “There are seven different dimensions.”

Villanueva said the dimensions combine to make data quality as a whole. These dimensions are:

  • Accuracy — the veracity of data to its authoritative source
  • Completeness — the availability of required data attributes
  • Conformity — the alignment of content with the required standards
  • Consistency — compliance with required formats, values or definitions
  • Coverage — the availability of required data records
  • Timeliness — the degree to which data is both representative of current conditions and available for use
  • Uniqueness — the degree that no record or attribute is recorded more than once

The first step, he said, is ensuring accurate and complete data is entered into the system. Data quality “is the driving element of everything data.”

“If the quality of our data is not there, no data effort will ever be fully successful.” Villanueva said. He added that it is important to ensure that all dimensions of data quality are addressed as AMCOM increasingly uses data to drive analytics and decision making.

Data quality management is a critical component of the overarching AMCOM data and analytics governance program and Myers said it is important that a common understanding of all seven dimensions exists across the workforce.

“We can, as an organization, impact data quality by informing the workforce and customers and implementing the data governance program,” said Myers.

With representatives from all AMCOM staff, subordinate organizations and depots, the ADAC is doing just that.

Villanueva said data is very important from the beginning — especially when looking at machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“Ultimately, AMCOM is digitally transforming the way we do business related to data, processes, technology and even our organizational culture,” Myers said. “As we continue to mature our data and analytics capabilities with a strong data quality foundation, we will be better situated to embrace such things as machine learning and artificial intelligence in support of innovation and delivering value to our AMCOM customers.”