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Outpost Outspoken, the official podcast of U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), debuted on December 28.

The first episode is available at https://www.dvidshub.net/podcast/498/outpost-outspoken. Future installments of the monthly series will be found in the same place.

The podcast’s name derives from the post’s newspaper, published continually since 1951 and known as The Outpost since 1981. The name was coined by Spc. Richard Johnson of the post medical detachment, who received a $25 savings bond and a letter of appreciation for submitting the winning entry in a contest to change its original name, which was The Sidewinder.

The Outpost has been a constant and vital part of YPG life from its inception, with a new issue on the street every two weeks, no matter what. The newspaper is a unifying force that highlights the totality of YPG’s test mission-- a person who reads each issue gets a much broader view of YPG than he or she would from their desk or work area alone. A long line of proving ground commanders have relied on the The Outpost to share information with the several thousand employee workforce scattered across 1,300 square miles in Yuma and at test centers in Alaska and the tropics.

The Outpost’s influence extends beyond the boundaries of the installation, too. The public affairs office routinely sends copies to elected officials responsible for making the decisions that enable YPG to continue its important work.

Unlike some Army newspapers, the overwhelming majority of The Outpost’s content is produced by writers on post, as opposed to generic ‘filler’ material distributed by the Department of the Army. Outpost Outspoken is guided by this same ethos.

In the inaugural episode, U.S. Army Cold Regions Test Center Technical Director Jeff Lipscomb discusses cold weather evaluations of the equipment troops rely on; Antiterrorism Officer Alfonzo Brown talks about the importance of vigilance in preventing terrorist attacks; and Contracting Officer Representative Keith Ware shares his thoughts about his recent appointment to a local school board and his family's legacy of service.

The podcast is also available at Apple Podcasts at: https://podcastsconnect.apple.com/my-podcasts/show/outpost-outspoken