Senior Commander December Holidays Safety Message

By USAG-Natick Public AffairsDecember 23, 2021

Natick Teammates,

The Holiday Season is now in full swing with Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and New Year's Eve all on the horizon. These holidays provide a time for celebration, and we recognize that we may all celebrate differently and for different reasons, they allow us all to come together to share joy and reflect on the past year. While we engage in festive activities and enjoy this holiday season, we count on each and every member of the team to prioritize safety, make risk-informed decisions, remain vigilant, and exercise sound judgment and discipline.

As we approach the holidays and begin making plans to spend time with Family and friends, remain mindful of the risks involved with travel, inclement weather, seasonal activities, and holiday celebrations. Additionally, take precautions to mitigate the hazards heightened by COVID-19 conditions. People are our greatest asset and to preserve the health of the force, we must consider and mitigate risk as we celebrate this holiday season.

The holidays mean joy for some, but can be a time of sorrow and sadness for others. If you see someone who appears to be lost, lonely, or depressed, please take action by being there. Engagement and more importantly, continuous connection with your team is essential. Reach out to each other and take care of one another especially during this holiday season.

I want to express my gratitude to all of Team Natick for your hard work throughout the year. Our mission is important to our Nation, and we cannot accomplish it without your dedication and support. I wish you and your Families best wishes for a safe Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Army Safe is Army Strong!

People First! Winning Matters!


Brigadier General, USA


December Holidays Safety Message.pdf [PDF - 313.6 KB]