BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - A communications systems team from Charlie Company, 122nd Aviation Support Battalion spearheaded an opportunity to test out a highly complex Internet Protocol boosting application to find a way to improve the tactical network.

Army Sgt. Christopher Mills, joint network node team chief, led the team that tested the new Turbo IP\'s ability to speed up the voice, video and transmission control protocol applications for the subscribers and users of the network's systems.

For one week, the team conducted 24-hour operations of close monitoring and data collecting using their equipment, the Joint Network Node and a Command Post Node to send packets of information between the two systems.

"We hope to find that for that amount of bandwidth, implementing the Turbo IP will allow us to better serve the subscribers and their networking needs," said Mills.

Mills worked with Spc. Gabriel Gonzalez, Army Staff Sgt. John Flores, Spc. Booker T. Washington, Army Capt. Han Nguyen and specialists from the civilian support team and developers of the JNN communications system to setup the Web site portion of the testing. This allowed for a realistic scenario for the type of traffic and usage seen on this type of networking system.

Nguyen established two different methods of file transferring. These methods processed multiple forms of data ranging from the very simple word documents to larger, more complex PDF files and PowerPoint presentations.

"The tests enabled the team to obtain good knowledge of the Turbo IP,

I was disappointed with the outcome of the voice and video portion," Nguyen said.

Nguyen was pleased with the TCP aspect of the tests.

"Now after this testing, we proved that it does in fact work," Nguyen said.

"Though the end result may not have been as beneficial as originally anticipated, training of this type will continue to go on with the goal of developing a more reliable and better performing service," Gonzalez said.