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The U.S. Army’s 7th Infantry Division first saw combat action in 1917 when we proved our mettle in Europe during the Great War. But it was the unrelenting Pacific Theater in places like Attu Island, Chosin Reservoir, Pork Chop Hill, and other conflicts beyond our shores in places like Panama and Afghanistan since that fully forged our Light Fighter Legacy.

Today, our Strykers and Combat Aviation continue the path our predecessors paved in the Indo-Pacific. That is to close with and destroy any foe, any adversary, with decisive, combined arms operations at any time and any place, in defense of our Nation and our Allies.

This is what our Soldiers have been doing for decades. This is what our 17 Medal of Honor recipients believed in. This is the story behind our 15 campaign participation credits.

‘Trust in Me’ is not merely Division motto. It is the foundation of our resolve for 104 years.