New interns at the AMCOM Integrated Materiel Management Center put their training into practice in the local community.

They volunteered July 2 at the Downtown Rescue Mission's second annual Fourth of July celebration.

Their meeting was facilitated by the Uplift class offered by AMCOM G-1, which takes its participants on an in-depth journey through the Army's seven core values. The July 2 activity was part of the Selfless Service lesson.

"Anyone can talk about these values, but to actually put them into action gives us a different perspective on how they shape the lives of the Soldier," intern Michelle Moe said.
The interns arrived in that morning and immediately went to work inflating balloons. They filled more than 100 balloons which helped set the mood for the festivities of the day. The balloons were tied along the walkway to the children's area where there was an inflatable moonwalk and slide.

After beginning the day inflating balloons, the interns dispersed into a variety of jobs. Some supervised the children's activities to ensure the safety of the participants. Others assisted with the food preparation or distribution. All the interns were able to interact with the residents of the mission as well as other members of the community.

When the celebration began to slow down after lunch, the interns were given a tour of the facilities.

"The facilities tour gave us some real insight into the struggles of those less fortunate than we are," intern Clayton Usery said.

Other participants included Shane Autrey, Melissa Kilgore, Dan Nguyen, Dale Bradford, Thomas Johansen, Jennifer Day, Nathan Wolfe, Josh Herndon, Patrick Johnson, Laura Sitko, Jeramie Kenyon, Matt Merritt and Eric Delk.