Department of Defense to host third C-sUAS Industry Day
U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) provided the ideal backdrop for the week-long C-sUAS demonstration held in April and focused on the most cutting edge drone-busting technology in a low collateral effects interceptor assessment. The Department of Defense will now outline its approach for the third Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft System (C-sUAS) demonstration during an Industry Day on November 16. (Photo Credit: (Photo Credit: Mark Schauer)) VIEW ORIGINAL

WASHINGTON (November 9, 2021) -- The Department of Defense will outline its approach for the third Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft System (C-sUAS) demonstration during an Industry Day on November 16.

The one-day, online event will inform vendors of upcoming requirements for the next industry demonstrations planned to begin in April 2022.

Hosted by the Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office (JCO) and the Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO), the online event is open to any vendor interested in participating in the demonstrations and who meets the requirements outlined in recently released announcements (see links below).

“We’re looking forward to holding an Industry Day as the kick-off for our third C-sUAS demonstration, to be held next year,” said COL Greg Soule, the director of the RCCTO’s Acquisition and Resource Division, supporting the JCO. “Events like these help to communicate our top priorities for future C-sUAS capability as we look to leverage emerging technology to defeat current threats.”

The next demonstration will occur in two parts with the first focused on High Power Microwave (HPM) Ground-Based Aerial Denial systems and the follow-on focused on C-sUAS as a Service (CaaS). Both will occur at Yuma Providing Ground, Ariz. beginning in April 2022.

HPM Ground-Based Aerial Denial utilizes focused Electromagnetic Pulses from a fixed ground location at various ranges, and with energy sufficient enough to destroy or defeat sUAS over the air. CaaS is a Contractor Owned Government Operated (COGO) capability, provided for C-sUAS detection, tracking, identification, and defeat of sUAS threats in protection of fixed locations.

These industry demonstrations, held twice a year, evaluate emerging technologies that close gaps, inform requirements, and promote innovation.

The JCO and RCCTO held two prior demonstrations, one in April 2021 and a second in September 2021. Both of the prior demonstrations were held at Yuma Proving Ground. The demonstration in April focused on Low Collateral Effects Interceptors (LCEI) in collaboration with the Air Force. The second focused on low-cost, Ground Based Aerial Denial and Handheld/Dismounted solutions.

The Department of Defense designated the Army as the Executive Agent for C-sUAS, bringing an enterprise approach that enables the protection of personnel, materiel, and missions from the growing threats and hazards associated with the rapid increase in UAS technology. The Secretary of the Army stood up the JCO, and assigned the RCCTO as the materiel and acquisition lead in support. The JCO and RCCTO continue working towards synchronized solutions across joint service domains that will detect, track, identify, and if needed, defeat current and emerging sUAS hazards and threats.

Registration is not required for the Industry Day. For additional information on the demonstrations, which includes information on the Industry Day, visit the links: