Martin Army Community Hospital's Joint Commission Coordinator Linda Lynd prepares BMACH for their triennial TJC inspection.

U.S. Army photo by Ron Mooney
Martin Army Community Hospital's Joint Commission Coordinator Linda Lynd prepares BMACH for their triennial TJC inspection.

U.S. Army photo by Ron Mooney (Photo Credit: Jane Lee)

FORT BENNING, GA – “Our successful Joint Commission (TJC) Survey would not have been possible without the team effort that was displayed,” said Martin Army Community Hospital’s TJC Coordinator Linda Lynd. “Thank you to all of Team Martin!”

The Joint Commission Survey is a triennial inspection for accredited health care organizations. Surveyors evaluate each section of a hospital – from facilities to labs and everything in between – for standards compliance. Surveyors canvassed BMACH October 19-22.

“Thank you for the professionalism you demonstrated when meeting with the surveyors, the pride you demonstrated in your work areas and the ongoing work you do to improve quality and safety within our organization,” said hospital commander Col. Kevin Kelly. “The surveyors highlighted excellence throughout the organization … and were most impressed by the dedication and expertise of our staff!”

Preparation for the successful TJC Survey was months in the making. Lynd was hired in January to help ensure Martin excelled in actual care processes.

“I assess our organization for compliance with TJC standards,” explained Lynd on her day-to-day duties. “I advise key leadership on standard operations and work collaboratively for solutions to ensure we are providing high-quality, safe healthcare.

“The collaboration and building relationships is what I love the most. I enjoy working with others to ensure our organization is on a path to high reliability.”

Lynd’s background as an infection control nurse and her penchant for following the rules inspired her to become a TJC surveyor. She started pursuing that career path after serving as a TJC escort in her prior civilian organization. She soon realized her higher calling.

“I began to notice in the organization the lack of standard compliance outside of the TJC window of 18-36 months. The standard was only of importance when we were expecting TJC,” confessed Lynd. “For me, this was very disheartening. I wanted to make a difference but I could only impact the departments for which I was responsible.

“I wanted to make an organizational impact and work for an organization who embraced the importance of meeting the standards all the time, and not just some of the time. The only way for me to make this impact was to pursue a TJC coordinator position.”

Lynd saw the opening at BMACH and applied. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I knew it was the right position, right time and right organization, after interviewing.”

The 2021 survey may be over, but Lynd’s work as BMACH’s Joint Commission Coordinator never really ends.

“The key to successful surveys is continuous readiness and constant evaluation of our processes and procedures,” said Lynd. “This is a team effort and if we all come together every day as we did during our survey, we can become a high reliability organization.

“High reliability organizations never stop improving.”