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FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — The nearly five million Native Americans, across 574 federally recognized tribes, in the United States possess a rich history that stretches back far before the founding of our country. In the month of November, we recognize their unique cultures during National Native American Heritage Month.

Native Americans have fought in every war since America’s founding and have taken their rightful place as heroes in our nation’s history. With the highest rate of service among any race or ethnicity, over 150,000 American Indians and Alaskan natives are veterans; they have demonstrated a legacy of courage, service and sacrifice. Still today, thousands of people of American Indian or Alaska Native descent serve in our Army — military, civilian and family members — and are valuable members or our team.

As we celebrate National Native American Heritage Month, remember that diversity makes our military and our nation strong. We all bear a responsibility to embrace every member of our organization and to ensure every person is welcomed and part of our team. Please take the opportunity this month to join us in celebrating our Native American teammates.

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