Raymond Webster
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The Security Assistance Command may have their very own “Everybody Loves Raymond” star in Raymond Webster. He received the AMC Employee of the 4th Quarter FY ’21. But beyond that, everyone in his division knows when they encounter a difficult problem they can “ask Ray,” because he has probably done it in the past and can provide them with examples.

Raymond Webster is a country program manager for INDOPACOM/SOUTHCOM/NORTHCOM Foreign Military Sales program and directly manages six countries. These six country programs are valued at over $2.5 billion.

“Mr. Webster is by far the most knowledgeable CPM on the INDOPACOM team,” said Tracy Engler, division chief of INDOPACOM/SOUTHCOM/NORTHCOM, and his supervisor. “He serves as a resource for his teammates and division chief. Mr. Webster is happy to share his knowledge and advice with teammates.”

A country program manager is responsible for the development and program management for the transfer of defense articles and services to assigned countries. Duties include lifecycle management of FMS programs and coordination of FMS activities with USASAC New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, the logistics directorate for the command. However, there are numerous other agencies and commands to coordinate with in the security assistance enterprise. Plus a CPM also works with senior ranking officials in assigned countries for the efficient movement of equipment and services.

“He has a deep understanding of the FMS process and can look at problems and the strategic impact to the overall program,” Engler said. “Mr. Webster sees challenges as opportunities and routinely goes beyond to solve problems and serve the customer.”

Webster has received numerous written recognitions from the government of Australia over the years. Most recently, he received a coin presentation from BG Meggett from the Australian Defense Forces and verbal thanks from Allison Petchell, Australian minister counselor for defense materiel, for his efforts expediting urgent Australian Letters of Offer and Acceptance for government review.

With the nature of Australia’s budget, Webster is required to keep an eye on financial status to ensure vendors are paid and funds are disbursed according to special payment schedules. With his efforts to expedite four Letters of Offer and Acceptance, Australia did not lose budget authority. He directed $3.4 billion that may have been lost into the FMS pipeline to fund the FMS administration account and support the U.S. industrial base.

Webster’s actions demonstrated to Australia that USASAC is a trusted partner, further strengthening the U.S./Australian relationship.

“Mr. Webster is more than a CPM, he is a natural leader who has the respect of all his teammates,” Engler said. His teamwork, strong work ethic, sense of humor and kindness toward all is a morale booster in the team and command.