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·        Time & date:

o   6-8 p.m. on Oct. 31

·        Households distributing candy:

o   Turn porchlights ON

o   Wear cloth face coverings

o   Candy must be commercially packaged

o   Candy cannot be distributed by hand, even if gloves are worn

o   Distribute candy from a large, open-mouth container (e.g., bowl, bucket) and using a kitchen utensil (e.g., tongs, large spoon)

·        Households NOT distributing candy:

o   Turn porchlights OFF

·        Trick or treaters (and adults supervising trick or treaters):

o   Wear cloth face coverings

o   Abide by CDC and Fort Knox social distancing guidelines and instructions

o   Only one trick or treater (or family of trick or treaters) may approach a home at one time. All others must wait on the sidewalk until the walkway is clear.

NOTE 1: Residents who are sick as well as residents with household members who are sick cannot participate in trick-or-treating activities.

NOTE 2: On-post unit and organization trunk or treats are authorized only when Fort Knox Public Health approval has been obtained.

NOTE 3: Large gatherings, parties as well as haunted houses are not authorized on Fort Knox.