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In September, Fort Jackson and the Army joined the World Health Organization, the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and nations worldwide in observing World Suicide Prevention by "creating hope through action."

During this month, and every day throughout the year, we strive to "connect to protect" -to be there for others, listen without judgment, and assist our fellow Soldiers, Civilians and Families by connecting them to available resources. We recognize that small things we can do every day, such as checking in on someone with a short visit, phone call or text message, can make a difference in the lives of the members of our squads.

Being actively involved in the well-being of our leaders, subordinates and coworkers is crucial to building cohesive teams and creating trust. This is our Army: not every fight happens on the battlefield, and nobody has to be alone in the challenges they face. If you see a teammate exhibiting common risk factors such as depression, anxiety, hopelessness, or isolation- say something!

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I call upon you to join me in creating hope through action, building positive relationships within your sphere of influence, and committing to protecting our Army Family.

Here on Fort Jackson, help is available day and night both in person at Moncrief Army Health Clinic's Behavioral Health or privately through the Military Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or by text at 838255 and online chat at

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“Team – Leadership is a contact sport, staying engaged means we care. When we stay positively intrusive with each we are taking care of the team! This is my squad!”