The Keller Army Community Hospital Pharmacy has increased access by adding a ScriptCenter prescription pick-up kiosk in the main lobby.

ScriptCenter kiosks and lockers provide a secure and safe pickup of refill prescriptions. The Keller pharmacy staff maintains control of filling and checking the prescriptions, while ScriptCenter takes care of the secure storage, tracking, and pickup of your pharmacist-filled prescriptions.

ScriptCenter kiosk is scheduled to be available, at Keller Army Community Hospital, for 'refill' pickups starting Tuesday, October 5, 2021.
ScriptCenter kiosk is scheduled to be available, at Keller Army Community Hospital, for 'refill' pickups starting Tuesday, October 5, 2021. (Photo Credit: Photo provided by Asteres Inc.) VIEW ORIGINAL

The ScriptCenter is currently only able to be used for prescription refills. Similar to the current prescription system, patients can either call (845) 938-2527, or use Tricare Online, and select ScriptCenter as the dispensing site. The medication will be available for pick up after 1200, two business days later. If patients have questions, or issues, please call the Keller Pharmacy at (845) 938-2271 during business hours to speak with a pharmacy representative.

Keller Pharmacy information can be found at

The ScriptCenter provides convenient and secure access using fingerprint scanning technology, privacy-enhancing industrial design, camera and signature-capture devices.

The addition of the ScriptCenter kiosk will provide another pharmaceutical pickup location for beneficiaries, will decrease congestion and wait times in the pharmacy area, and will allow for pharmaceutical pickup after the pharmacy has closed.

“This (kiosk) addition is a force-multiplier that will offer beneficiaries convenient access to their prescriptions,” said Sgt. 1st Class Jessie Baum, Non-Commissioned Officer-in-Charge, Pharmacy Dept., Keller Army Community Hospital. “Instead of delaying picking up their prescriptions to find time during pharmacy hours, patients can pick up for themselves and their dependents when their schedule allows.”

How does it work???

First, you need to complete a one-time enrollment at a ScriptCenter kiosk. To do this, scan your military ID card (Common Access Card or Uniformed Services ID Card), enter your date of birth, and create a password and four-digit pin.

You can also ‘sign-in’ or ‘create an account’ at This method is distinct and separate from your ‘ScriptCenter kiosk’ account. Once you are registered, using this method, you can link to your kiosk account to manage family pickup, see when prescriptions are ready, update notifications and more.

To pick up your medications the first time, you must have a current prescription number. Once you create an account, you can use your fingerprint, ID card, or password with your four-digit pin to unlock and get your medications. This process usually takes less than two minutes.

Beneficiaries can also use TRICARE Online for refill pickup by choosing “ScriptCenter” as your pickup location.

With ScriptCenter, the power remains in the hands of the pharmacist. Unlike other automated pharmacy dispensing systems, ScriptCenter products are for completed prescriptions. Pharmacists fill and verify prescriptions before placing them into the ScriptCenter system. This allows pharmacists to maintain complete control of the prescriptions through delivery.

“The ScriptCenter acts as Keller’s ‘5th pharmacy window’,” said Baum.

Unfortunately, if you have prescriptions that need to be refrigerated, you will need to pick those up from the pharmacy counter during pharmacy hours. ScriptCenter doesn't store prescriptions that need to be refrigerated.

Why ScriptCenter???

The Military Health System recognized the overwhelming need for pharmacy automation solutions. Patients demand technology that offers convenience in all areas of healthcare. This specific technology not only brings benefits to patients but pharmacy staff alike.

“The ScriptCenter will improve the patient experience by expanding access, extending pharmacy hours without additional staff, and maximizing pharmacy efficiency. It’s a win-win for Keller and our beneficiaries,” added Col. Amy L. Jackson, Commander, Keller Army Community Hospital.

The ScriptCenter kiosk is scheduled to be delivered and installed on September 21, 2021. Beneficiaries will be able to enroll – at the kiosk – on September 21st, but refill pickups will be available on October 5, 2021.