ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Disasters can happen anytime. Whether it’s a home fire or tornado. Don't wait until September or until a disaster strikes to prepare.

The hurricane season has already begun and it is in full effect until 30 November 2021. Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean can create tornadoes and wide-spread flooding, even in Central Alabama. Look at the aftermath of Hurricane Ida and you will discover that it is responsible for 82 deaths, record flooding in upstate New Jersey and New York, widespread damage to buildings and roads, torrential rains, storm surges and high winds in Louisiana and Mississippi reaped havoc on both states for several days.

National Preparedness Month serves to encourage Soldiers, their Families, and DA Civilians to prepare for all-hazards emergencies at home, at work, and throughout their communities.

Make A Plan

 (1)   Does everyone in your family know where to meet in the event of a home fire?

(2)   Do you have the local emergency phone numbers to police, fire, hospital, etc. posted so everyone knows where to find them?

(3)   Do not rely completely on cell phone service, phone towers and power lines may be down, phones may not have a charge and electricity may not be available for weeks.


Make A Kit

(1)   Keep enough provisions on hand for at least 72 hours (3 days) in case you are stranded and unable to evacuate your home in the event of down power lines, closed roads, fires, flood, etc...

(2) Don’t forget medicines for you or family members who may need them.

(3)   Go to to get information on what to put in your "go kits".

Be Informed

 (1)   For information on severe weather warnings in your area, sign up for wireless emergency alerts:

a. Used by National Weather Service, Center for Missing & Exploited Children & POTUS.

b. Check with your cell phone service provider

c. No need to subscribe, no charge

(2)   To receive local weather alerts on your cell phones, sign up at or text CALHOUNEMA to 888777.

(3)   To search for open shelters text SHELTER and Zip Code to 43362. Ex: Shelter 01234 (standard rates apply)

(4)   Monitor local radio and television channels for weather and situational updates.

(5)   Sign up for the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability & Assessment System (ADPAAS) @ so ANAD’s command will be able to account for you and tend to your needs assessment during a disaster.

(6)   Sign up for Desktop Alert (register on your workstation computer) to receive notifications on your personal phones, home and office phones, text messages, emails and pop up messages on your workstations.