AUSA Now: 2021 Annual Meeting and Exposition Schedule

By Army Public AffairsOctober 5, 2021

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The Association of the United States Army will present a dynamic conference designed to deliver the Army’s key messages, highlighting the capabilities of Army organizations, and presenting a wide range of industry products and services. For registration, click here.

To watch some of the livestreamed events, visit the DVIDS AUSA 2021 feature page.

For a full program of events and speakers, see below.

*NOTE: All participants/speakers/times are subject to change. All times are EDT.


0800-0900 — MG Robert G. Moorhead National Guard/Army Reserve Forum

  • Speakers: LTG Jack T. Stultz, United States Army, Retired; GEN Michael X. Garrett

0800-0900 — The Sergeant Major of the Army Forum and Awards Ceremony

  • Speakers: SMA Michael A. Grinston; SMA Daniel A. Dailey, United States Army, Retired; GEN Robert B. Brown, United States Army, Retired

0900-1700 — U.S. Army xTech Program: Innovator’s Corner

0930-1115 — Opening Ceremony

  • Speakers: GEN Robert B. Brown, United States Army, Retired; LTC (P) James Foster; the Honorable Christine E. Wormuth, Secretary of the Army

1130-1205 — Warriors Corner: By Soldiers, For Soldiers — Building an Organic, Soldier-led Software Development Capacity in the Army

  • Speakers: MAJ Vito Errico; MAJ Jason Zuniga; CPT Dan Lyell; 1LT Rachelle David; CW2 Robert Payne; SSG Chris Pauley

1215-1250 — Warriors Corner: Department of Defense Counter-small Umanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Initiatives: Now and in the Future

  • Speakers: COL Robert Hensley; COL Greg Soule; COL David Morgan

1245-1345 — Family Forum: General Officer Spouse Mentorship Program

1300-1335 — Warriors Corner: Training Modernization — Empowering the Army of 2028 and Beyond

  • Speakers: BG Charles T. Lombardo; SGM Thomas Conn

1300-1400 — U.S. Army NCO and Soldier of the Year Recognition Ceremony

  • Speakers: SMA Michael A. Grinston; SMA Daniel A. Dailey, United States Army, Retired; GEN Joseph M. Martin

1300-1400 — Army Cadet Forum

  • Speakers: LTG Patricia E. McQuistion, United States Army, Retired; GEN Paul E. Funk; MG Johnny K. Davis

1300-1500 — AUSA Authors’ Forum

  • Moderator: LTG Theodore G. Stroup, United States Army, Retired 
  • Panelists: GEN George A. Joulwan, United States Army, Retired; Dr. Russell W. Glenn; Dr. R. D. Hooker, United States Army, Retired; SMA Kenneth O. Preston, United States Army, Retired; LTC Donald C. Snedeker, United States Army, Retired; Mr. Peter C. Svoboda; COL L. Scott Lingamfelter, United States Army, Retired

1300-1530 — U.S. Army Women’s Foundation Leadership Symposium: Honoring Army Women — Connecting With the Past, Empowering the Future

  • Speakers: BG Anne F. Macdonald, United States Army, Retired; the Honorable Christine E. Wormuth, Secretary of the Army; COL Edna W. Cummings, United States Army, Retired; BG Hope C. Rampy 
  • Panelists: Dr. LaShonda Cobbs, United States Army, Retired; Ms. Seda Goff; Mr. Michael Quinn, United States Army, Retired; Ms. Ellen White, United States Army, Retired; CSM Donna Brock, United States Army, Retired; MG Mari K. Eder, United States Army, Retired; MG Linda M. Singh, United States Army, Retired; COL Nickey B. Knighton, United States Army, Retired

1300-1530 — Warriors Corner: Artificial Intelligence Integration Center (AI2C): How the Army is Leveraging America’s Robotic and AI Communities

  • Speakers: Dr. Douglas Matty; Mr. Ruben Cruz

1400-1500 — Military Retiree and Update Seminar

  • Speaker: Mr. Mark E. Overberg

1400-1600 — Family Forum: Quality of Life at Your Fingertips

  • Speaker: LTG Ronald J. Place
  • Moderator: Mrs. Dee Geise
  • Panelists: MG Omar J. Jones; Ms. Regina M. Julian, MHA, MBA, FACHE; Ms. Lee Kelley, LMSW; Ms. Helen A. Roadarmel; Mr. Daniel G. Kunze; Brig. Gen. (S) Joel W. Safranek, United States Air Force

1430-1505 — Warriors Corner: A Year of Listening — Your Voice Matters

  • Speaker: Mr. Anselm A. Beach

1430-1600 — Chief of Army Reserve Seminar: Your Army Reserve — Leveraging Exceptional Talent to Transform and Modernize

  • Speaker: LTG Jody J. Daniels
  • Moderator: LTC Nathan DeVoe
  • Panelists: MG Martin F. Klein; BG Timothy D. Connelly; BG Carol Eggert, PhD, United States Army, Retired; 1LT Amber English; SSG Sandra Uptagrafft

1430-1630 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): Revisiting the Readiness Balance

  • Speaker: GEN Michael X. Garrett
  • Moderator: LTG Richard Formica, United States Army, Retired 
  • Panelists: LTG James E. Rainey; LTG Michael E. Kurilla; MG Michael R. Keating; Mr. Christopher Preble

1500-1600 — Defense Health Agency/Tricare Update

  • Speaker: Dr. Brian C. Lein

1500-1600 — CSM of the Army National Guard Breakout Session

  • Speaker: CSM John F. Sampa

1500-1630 — NCO & Soldier Programs Committee Meeting

1515-1715 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): People First: Now and into the Future

  • Moderator: Ms. Gaylia Campbell
  • Panelists: GEN Paul E. Funk; Mr. Mark R. Lewis; LTG Gary M. Brito; MG Johnny K. Davis; MG Kevin Vereen

1550-1625 — Warriors Corner: A "CALL" to Action — Reducing Suicide in Army Formations

  • Speakers: Dr. James A. Helis; COL Matthew Weber; Ms. Carrie Shult

1610-1710 — CSM of the Army Reserve Breakout Session

  • Speaker: CSM Andrew J. Lombardo

1700-1800 — International Military Reception

  • Speaker: GEN Robert B. Brown, United States Army, Retired

1700-1800 — Industry Reception

  • Speaker: BG Jack Haley, United States Army, Retired

0800-0900 — International Military and Industry Networking Breakfast

  • Speakers: BG Garrick M. Harmon; BG Jack Haley, United States Army, Retired

0800-1100 — Retired Soldiers and Veterans Committee Meeting

0800-1100 — AUSA Chapter Presidents and Delegates Workshop

0900-0935 — Warriors Corner: New Approaches, New Dilemmas and New Opportunities — United States Army Multi-Domain Land Power in the Indo-Pacific

  • Speaker: GEN Charles A. Flynn

0900-1700 — U.S. Army xTech Program: Innovator’s Corner

0900-1100 — Warrant Officers Professional Development Forum

  • Speakers: GEN Michael X. Garrett; CW5 Richard W. Knowlton
  • Panelists: CW5 Yolondria Dixon-Carter; CW5 Teresa A. Domeier; CW5 Patrick R. Nelligan; CW5 Jonathan O. Yerby; CW5 Steven E. Kilgore

0900-0920 — Small Business Seminar: Opening Remarks

  • Speaker: Mr. James C. Lloyd

0910-0925 — Small Business Seminar: Army Office of Small Business Programs Welcome

  • Speaker: Ms. Kimberly D. Buehler

0930-0950 — Small Business Seminar: Small Business Administration Remarks

  • Speaker: Ms. Bibi Hidalgo

0930-1030 — Army Civilian Career Fields Training: People First — Modernizing Army Civilian Talent Management

  • Speakers: Mrs. Maria Ciepiela; Mr. Edward Emden

0930-1100 — The Sergeant Major of the Army’s Professional Development Forum

  • Speaker: Speaker: SMA Michael A. Grinston
  • Moderator: CSM Rodger Mansker, United States Army, Retired
  • Panelists: CSM Alberto Delgado; CSM Daniel T. Hendrex; CSM Todd Sims; CSM Michael A. Crosby; CSM John F. Sampa; CSM Andrew J. Lombardo

0930-1130 — Military Family Forum: Transforming the Soldier & Family Readiness System

  • Speaker: Mrs. Patricia M. Barron
  • Moderator: COL (P) Deydre S. Teyhen
  • Panelists: CAPT Kimberly J. Elenberg, DNP, MS, United States Public Health Service; Mr. C. Michael Kline; Ms. Laura Mitvalsky; COL Todd Yosick; Mr. Marcus J. Beauregard; Ms. Pamela Swan

0945-1020 — Warriors Corner: From Prototype to the Field — Delivering Hypersonics, Directed Energy, Mid-Range Capability and More

  • Speakers: LTG L. Neil Thurgood; Ms. Marcia B. Holmes; Mr. Stanley Darbro

1000-1020 — Small Business Seminar: Department of Defense Office of Small Business Programs Remarks

  • Speaker: Mr. Farooq A. Mitha

1000-1130 — Director, Army National Guard Seminar: Meeting Future Operational Challenges

  • Speaker: LTG Jon A. Jensen

1000-1200 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): Project Convergence: A Campaign of Linked Experimentation and Learning

  • Speaker: GEN Mike Murray
  • Moderator: Mr. Doug Philippone
  • Panelists: LTG James M. Richardson; Ms. Aurora Taylor-Rojas; Mr. Chris Lynch

1000-1200 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): Sustainment Transformation in Support of the Multi-Domain Operations Force

  • Speaker: GEN Edward M. Daly
  • Moderator: MG Clark LeMasters, United States Army, Retired
  • Panelists: LTG Flem B. Walker; LTG James E. Rainey; LTG Duane A. Gamble; Mr. John W. Baxter; LTG John W. Morgan, United States Army, Retired

1030-1105 — Warriors Corner: Preparing for Future Pandemics — Detect, Prevent, Treat

  • Speakers: BG Anthony L. McQueen; Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad

1045-1100 — Small Business Seminar: Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics & Technology) Remarks

  • Speaker: Ms. Karen D. H. Saunders

1100-1200 — Army Civilian Career Fields Training: Installations Career Field Update

  • Speakers: Mr. Daniel M. Klippstein; Mr. Michael E. Reheuser

1100-1200 — Army Civilian Career Fields Training: Logistics Career Field Update

  • Speakers: Mr. John E. Hall; Ms. Theresa A. Smith; Mr. Michael R. Hutchison

1110-1200 — Small Business Seminar: Innovating Army Programs with Small Businesses — Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and xTech

  • Moderator: Dr. Matthew Willis
  • Panelist: Dr. Casey Perley; Mr. Zeke Topolosky; COL Jeffery Jurand

1115-1150 — Warriors Corner: Enlisted Talent Management Now and the Future + Army Talent Alignment Framework

  • Moderator: Dr. Matthew Willis
  • Panelist: Dr. Casey Perley; Mr. Zeke Topolosky; COL Jeffery Jurand

1200-1235 — Warriors Corner: Transforming Installations — The Army Installations Strategy (AIS)

  • Speakers: Mr. John E. Surash; LTG Jason T. Evans; LTG Douglas M. Gabram; Dr. David W. Pittman

1200-1400 — Young Professionals Advisory Committee

1245-1320 — Warriors Corner: Modular Open System Approach (MOSA) — Essential for Aviation Modernization/Future Vertical Lift Update

  • Speakers: MG David J. Francis; MG Walter T. Rugen; BG Robert L. Barrie

1300-1430 — Small Business Seminar: Office of Small Business Programs Directors Panel Discussion and Update

  • Moderator: Ms. Kimberly D. Buehler
  • Panelist: Mr. Scott A. Kiser; Mr. Jimmy A. Smith; Mr. Dwight D. Deneal

1330-1430 — Dwight D. Eisenhower Presentation

  • Speakers: GEN Robert B. Brown, United States Army, Retired; GEN James C. McConville; BG William Green

1330-1430 — Army Civilian Career Fields Training: Construction, Engineering, and Infrastructure Career Field Update

  • Speaker: Dr. Christine T. Altendorf

1400-1500 — Military Retirement Planning Seminar: Regular Army and Active Guard Reserve

  • Speaker: Ms. Lynn M. Peterson

1400-1700 — U.S. Army Reserve Component Committee Meeting

1430-1530 — Foreign Military Sales Seminar

  • Panelists: Ms. Heidi Grant; Ms. Elizabeth F. Wilson; BG Garrick M. Harmon; COL John C. Moore

1430-1630 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): Homeland Security Seminar: Enhancing National Resilience

  • Speakers: LTG John R. Evans; Mr. John K. Tien; LTG A.C. Roper
  • Moderator: MG Robert F. Whittle
  • Panelists: Ms. Heather C. King; Mr. Joel Doolin; LTG Jon A. Jensen

1430-1730 — Army Civilian Advisory Committee

1435-1510 — Warriors Corner: The Unified Network — Enabling Decision Dominance

  • Speakers: MG Thomas A. Pugh; BG Robert M. Collins; BG Jeth B. Rey; MG Christopher T. Donahue (Invited)

1440-1530 — Small Business Seminar: Project Spectrum

  • Speaker: Mr. Charles DeBarber

1500-1600 — Defense Health Agency/Tricare Update

  • Speaker: Dr. Brian C. Lein

1500-1630 — Military Family Forum: Army Senior Leaders’ Town Hall

  • Moderator: LTG Jason T. Evans
  • Panelists: the Honorable Christine E. Wormuth, Secretary of the Army; GEN James C. McConville; SMA Michael A. Grinston

1500-1700 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): Character: The Building Block for Cohesive Teams

  • Moderator: Dr. Jeffrey D. Peterson
  • Panelists: LTG Darryl A. Williams; LTG Gary M. Brito; Cadet Holland Pratt; COL Diane Ryan, PhD, United States Army, Retired; GEN David G. Perkins, United States Army, Retired

1500-1700 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): Character: Transforming Land Power to Meet Global Challenges

  • Moderator: Mr. Francis Rose
  • Panelists: GEN Christopher G. Cavoli; GEN Charles A. Flynn; Mr. Vikram J. Singh; Ms. Mackenzie Eaglen; Dr. Kori Schake

1500-1700 — Chapter Operations Committee Meeting

1520-1555 — Warriors Corner: Asymmetric Advantage through Synthetic Training

  • Speaker: BG William R. Glaser; Mr. Timothy F. Bishop; Mr. Joe Parson

1540-1600 — Small Business Seminar: Closing Comments

  • Speaker: Ms. Kimberly D. Buehler

1605-1640 — Warriors Corner: Advancements in Next Generation Combat Vehicle Development

  • Moderator: Ms. Nicole A. Funk
  • Panelist: MG Ross Coffman; Mr. James W. Schirmer; Mr. Michael K. Cadieux

1645-1815 — U.S. Army Guard and Reserve Reception


0700-0830 — Fourth Region Forum

  • Speaker: MG Johnny K. Davis

0700-0830 — Second Region Forum

  • Speaker: LTG Robert L. Marion

0700-0900 — First and European Regions Forum

  • Speaker: MG Karl Engelbrektson

0700-0900 — Third Region Forum

  • Speaker: MG Joseph Jarrard

0700-0900 — Pacific Region Forum

  • Speaker: GEN Charles A. Flynn

0700-1000 — Fifth Region Forum

  • Speaker: SMA Daniel A. Dailey, United States Army, Retired

0800-0900 — Sixth and Seventh Regions Forum

  • Speakers: GEN Daniel R. Hokanson; BG Michael K. Hanifan

0800-0900 — Army Civilian Career Fields Training: Contracting Career Field Update

  • Speaker: Ms. Megan R. Dake

0800-0915 — Senior Executive Service Meeting

  • Speaker: Mr. Christopher J. Lowman

0830-1030 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): Lessons Learned from Army’s Pandemic Response: Accelerating All-of-Nation Response

  • Moderator: LTG Patricia D. Horoho, United States Army, Retired
  • Panelist: LTG R. Scott Dingle; LTG Paul A. Ostrowski, United States Army, Retired; LTG Todd Semonite, United States Army, Retired; MG Joe D. Robinson; CSM Victor J. Laragione
  • Speaker: MG Robert F. Whittle 

0900-0940 — Warriors Corner: Security Force Assistance Command Beyond 2021 — Advising Partner Forces Around the World

  • Speaker: MG Scott A. Jackson

0900-1400 — U.S. Army xTech Program: Innovator’s Corner

0900-1400 — Army People’s Kiosk — ACCMA, ATMTF & IPPS-A

0930-1200 — Enabling Army Civilian Talent Management via the Civilian Implementation Plan

  • Primary Speaker: Mr. Mark R. Lewis
  • Moderator: Ms. Ellen Helmerson
  • Panelists: Dr. Todd A. Fore; Ms. Carol Burton; Mr. Michael D. Formica; Max Wyche

0950-1030 — Warriors Corner: Next Gen Terrain Shaping - Dominating Movement and Maneuver in Multi-Domain Operations

  • Speakers: LTG Scott A. Spellmon; COL David Hibner

1000-1100 — Military Retirement Planning Seminar: Regular Army and Active Guard Reserve

  • Speakers: Ms. Lynn M. Peterson

1000-1200 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): Full Life-Cycle Acquisition, Sustainable Army Modernization to Win Great Power Competition

  • Moderator: LTG Patricia E. McQuistion, United States Army, Retired
  • Panelists: Ms. Karen D. H. Saunders; GEN Mike Murray; GEN Edward M. Daly; LTG J.D. Johnson, United States Army, Retired; Ms. Mackenzie Eaglen

1000-1200 — Contemporary Military Forum (CMF): Climate Change and Impacts on the Army Mission

  • Moderator: Mr. Stephen P. Rodriguez
  • Panelists: Mr. John E. Surash; LTG Laura A. Potter; Mr. John Conger; Ms. Darcy L. Immerman; Ms. Michelle Klassen Merrigan

1000-1200 — Modern Protocol and Evolving Traditions: The Value of Protocol and Traditions in the 21st Century

  • Speakers: Mrs. Ginger Perkins; Mrs. Yvonne Coombes; Ms. Elizabeth Simpson; Ms. Angel Mangum

1040-1120 — Warriors Corner: Advanced Technologies (Cloud and Data) for Multi-Doman Operations (MDO)/Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2)/Cyber Panel

  • Speakers: Dr. Raj Iyer; Dr. David M. Markowitz; Mr. Paul B. Puckett; MG Matthew Easley

1100-1200 — Reserve Component Retirement Planning Seminar

  • Speakers: LTC Tehani R. Matthews; LTC Alicia M. Riley; MAJ Samantha M. PayCheck

1130-1210 — Warriors Corner: Behavioral Health Pulse

  • Speakers: Dr. James A. Helis; Dr. Jim Anderson; Ms. Jennifer Phillips

1200-1330 — Sergeant Major of the Army Initiatives Briefing

  • Speaker: SMA Michael A. Grinston

1220-1300 — Warriors Corner: Army Persistent Experimentation Network

  • Speakers: Mr. Willie B. Nelson; Mr. Michael C. Monteleone; BG Guy M. Jones (Invited); Mr. Paul B. Puckett; COL Toby Magsig

1310-1350 — Warriors Corner: Seeing Over the Horizon - Intel/Electronic Warfare for Deep Sensing/Integrated Fires Experimentation/ADA

  • Speakers: Speaker: Mr. Mark C. Kitz; BG John L. Rafferty; Mr. Willie B. Nelson; BG Brian W. Gibson; LTC Andrew Evans

1400-1500 — George Catlett Marshall Memorial Presentation

  • Speakers: Speaker: GEN Robert B. Brown, United States Army, Retired; MG Thomas L. Solhjem; SMA Kenneth O. Preston, United States Army, Retired

1430-1530 — Army Civilian Career Fields Training: The Way Ahead for Army Civilian Recruitment and Outreach

  • Speaker: Ms. Michele Davis