The Army Training Network: Resources for FM 7-0

By U.S. Army Training Management DirectorateSeptember 1, 2021

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In June 2021, the United States Army published Field Manual (FM) 7-0, Training. The manual represents a step forward in revitalizing training across the Army and reintroduces the Army Training Management Cycle. The Army Training Network (ATN) provides a wealth of resources to assist the Operational Force in understanding and implementing the Army’s new training doctrine.

The ATN is a secure, web-based portal that provides access to training and education resources. It is the Army’s primary delivery platform for training management doctrine, tools, products, and services. Readily accessible links on the ATN Home Page take users to some of the most used training tools, such as the Digital Training Management System (DTMS), the Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS), the Small Unit Leader Tool (SULT), and the Digital Job Book (DJB). The ATN also groups resources into categories to include Training Doctrine and Publications, Unit Training Management, Home Station Training Enablers, Leader Development, Centers of Excellence / Proponents, Headquarters Department of the Army and Command Training Guidance, and Specific Training Resources. The search function enables users to conduct a general search or utilize the CATS, Mission Essential Task Lists (METL), or Task Search tools for more specific information.

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The ability to successfully conduct training and training management requires an understanding of FM 7-0 and an understanding of how to use the tools and processes to implement the doctrine. ATN provides access to FM 7-0, as well as links to the Central Army Registry (CAR) and the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website. The CAR contains doctrinal publications, proponent developed tasks and lesson plans, and other information individuals and units can use to develop and execute training. The APD website contains current Army doctrinal and administrative publications as well as historical publications that can assist with both training and leader development.

ATN provides training and education materials for Unit Training Management. These materials assist individuals and units to understand and execute the training management cycle more efficiently. Resources include tutorials, videos, reference guides, lessons, and other “how to” resources in the DTMS and CATS Knowledge Bases.

In support of understanding and implementing training management doctrine, the ATN includes the means to request assistance from the Unit Training Management Mobile Training Team (UTM MTT) and the CATS Team. The UTM MTT supports brigade and below organizations by providing a three-day seminar that focuses on FM 7-0. It includes leader discussions and hands-on exercises designed to assist units with implementing training management processes. In addition, the UTM MTT includes instruction on CATS. As another option, units can request a CATS Team visit. The CATS Team tailors training to the unit requirements from a menu of options to teach units how to utilize CATS and the CATS Planning Tool in support of planning. The UTM MTT request form is available on the Unit Training Management (UTM) page. CATS requests are available on the CATS Knowledge Base.

DTMS is a critical tool to facilitate planning, recording, and assessing training. It requires knowledgeable operators and managers to take full advantage of its capabilities. For units or individuals requiring DTMS training, the DTMS Knowledge Base is an excellent resource. It provides the DTMS Reference Guide, tutorials, videos, and other tools for unit-led training. There is a Microsoft Teams 365 DTMS Training link to gain access to monthly online training along with a schedule of planned training for both managers and operators.

Soldiers and leaders also require the ability to review, record, and maintain training records to ensure they are progressing toward their planned training proficiencies. The DJB provides individual Soldiers a means to review their training and qualification information recorded in DTMS. It allows them to review assigned tasks from their leaders and receive notifications for Army course registrations. Junior leaders, when authorized by the unit commander or first sergeant, can use the SULT to view, assign, update, and record assigned Soldier training and qualification information. Users can access these tools and other ATN resources using their common access card (CAC) on CAC-enabled devices. Alternatively, they can securely access ATN and its resources anywhere they have network connectivity using handheld digital devices, such as tablets or smart phones, and their AMID username and password. ATN includes tutorials with instructions on how to add the ATN homepage to personal devices.

If issues or questions arise while using Army Training Management System tools, the Help Desk page has information for self-help and contact information for Help Desk services. Help Desk personnel are available via telephone, e-mail, chat, and web ticketing from 0500-2100 Central time Monday through Friday, except Federal holidays.

Finally, the ATN contains links to external websites for additional resources. Examples of external links include Proponent websites, the National Training Center, the Mission Command Training Program, the MilGaming Portal, and the Center for Army Lessons Learned.

The Army Training Network is an excellent tool to identify training and leader development resources. It provides a secure gateway to access information, tools, and education to successfully implement the training doctrine in FM 7-0 and make training and training management more efficient. Take the time to visit and explore ATN at