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FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — On Monday, Sept. 6, we celebrate Labor Day and recognize the contributions of the workforce to our great nation. We look forward to the last long weekend of summer and expect teammates will want to spend time with friends and family by taking leave or pass; enjoying the local area; participating in small gatherings; or partaking in outdoor recreation. During your well-deserved break, we want you to understand the inherent risk of accidents and injuries associated with this holiday weekend.

Leaders — officer, noncommissioned officer, civilian — at every level should talk to all within your care about prevention of avoidable accidents. Your involvement is critical to our safety, wellness and readiness. We want you to identify and address at-risk behaviors while leading by example.

While traveling any distance, ensure vehicles are properly maintained; stay focused on the road; buckle-up; and make sure all in your care do the same. While we often talk about personal vehicle safety, we must also prevent accidents from other hazards associated with this holiday. Weather — including high temperatures, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and water-related activities — can pose very high risks. Alcohol consumption in any activity greatly increases the potential for accident, harm, injury and death.

So, we ask you to be deliberate in planning ahead and communicating with your family members and teammates. Get proper training and mentorship, and use proper equipment. Follow all laws, regulations and local programs. Care for one another. Reach out to friends and never leave a battle buddy or teammate alone or behind.

We are very proud of your efforts to protect the force in the COVID-19 environment. Continue to be informed of and adhere to all orders, regulations and guidelines to stay safe.

We appreciate every effort our workforce makes to contribute to mission success, and we want each of you to return to duty after a safe and enjoyable holiday. We are very proud to serve with you!

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