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Carol Sheffler, Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist is part of a group of women in the Army who helped pave the way for females serving today. Sheffler served as an officer for 24 years and was the first G4 Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics of the United States Military Academy from 2012 to 2016.

Sheffler is setting an example on how to be a professional and gives advice on how to advance your career, according to Tatiana Fowler, an intern at the 597th Transportation Brigade.

"She took us to the motorpool to see the vehicles and equipment we have been learning about for the first time," Fowler said, "It was very enlightening! We are learning so much about all the opportunities available for logisticians."

Sheffler said that having role models was crucial for her career advancement.

Sheffler's first position was as a platoon leader in Germany, and she also worked in South Korea and Hungary and deployed to Kosovo and Bosnia twice, joining 5,000 other females on a peacekeeping mission.

Her second assignment was at the Military Traffic Management Command in Fort Eustis, Va. The position at MTMC convinced her to make a career in the Army because there was a strong network of mentors who provided career advice.

In 1997 the Army was 91% male, but in her advanced transportation class 50% was female. Sheffler worked under Lt. Col. Marcella Hayes, the first African American woman in the U.S. military to earn her aviator wings. She also worked for a Senior Executive Service officer (equivalent to a flag officer) who made a big difference by being an early adaptor of computers.

"The Transportation Corps has been a forerunner in giving women leadership positions in commands," Sheffler said.

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