ANNISTON MUNITIONS CENTER, Ala. -- Last year was a challenging year. But for one employee, a huge accomplishment was made. Lakeisha Wade earned her Doctorate of Management from Colorado Tech University. Previously, Wade earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration from Grantham University. Dr. Wade has been working for Anniston Munitions Center as a quality assurance specialist ammunition surveillance, or QASAS, since August 2017.

Wade joined the U.S. Army in 2006 and served her country for eight years. During her enlistment, her military occupational specialty was 89 Bravo, or ammunition specialist, and 88 November, or transportation management coordinator. Wade deployed to Afghanistan for ten months and Iraq for 15 months. Wade was on active duty at Fort Bragg in North Carolina working as an ammo supply point contractor when she met someone who was a QUASAS. At that moment, Wade realized what she wanted to do as a career. Eventually, Wade attended QASAS classroom training in Oklahoma for one year and successfully achieved her dream job.

It is even more impressive that Wade completed her doctorate while working full time and raising her five children alongside her husband. She remained motivated to show her children that she could finish, “This is something I did for my children. To show them you can,” Wade said. “We’re all given 24 hours in a day, so what are you going to do with your hours?”

Wade did not have an ideal childhood while growing up in New York City, “I was one of those kids who grew up in poverty.” One day, Wade would like to open a non-profit for children. She remembers being involved in a special program for children who were exceling, academically, above their grade level. The opportunity to be involved in that program stuck with her all these years. Why a non-profit, you may ask, “I’ve always been a helper. I am looking to be that way out for children. I am proof that I could have chosen another life, but I chose not to go down that road.”

Lt. Col. Thomas C. Smith, ANMC Commander, congratulated Wade and presented her with a commander’s coin.  “This is a great achievement,” he said.  “It is proof that anyone can accomplish their goals with dedication and hard work.”

Dr. Wade shared advice for anyone considering going back to school or seeking to further their education. “Take the time to do it,” she said.

Dr. Lakeisha Wade, QASAS with the Anniston Munitions Center, works at her desk.
Dr. Lakeisha Wade, QASAS with the Anniston Munitions Center, works at her desk. (Photo Credit: US Army Photo by Mark Cleghorn) VIEW ORIGINAL

Anniston Munitions Center is a tenant organization located on Anniston Army Depot property. The Joint Munitions Command, whose mission is to provide the joint force with ready, reliable, lethal munitions at the speed of war sustaining global readiness, is their parent command.