WHINSEC Conducts Combined Graduation

By Milton F. Mariani RodriguezAugust 17, 2021

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U.S. Army Sergeants Mayor Academy Commandant, Command Sgt. Maj. Jason Schmidt is scheduled to address representatives of six countries at the Columbus Ironworks.

WHEN: Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Columbus Convention & Trade Center (Ironworks), 801 Front Ave, Columbus, GA, 31901.

WHAT: WHINSEC conducts graduation ceremony for 214 students who completed one of the following courses: the Small Unit Leadership (SULC); Medical Assistance (MEDAC); Interagency Crisis Action Planning (IACAP); and the Cadet Leadership Development (CLD).     

WHO:  Students, representative of the countries of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Panama and the United States.

WHY:  Graduates have completed all requirements for the specific course they attended. During their courses, students discussed and worked through built-in-course scenarios on; human rights, the rule of law, due process, civilian control of the military, and the role of the military in a democratic society issues that affect participation of security force personnel in throughout various Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, Multinational (JIIM) environments.

BROADCASTED LIVE VIA:  www.facebook.com/whinsec/live



IMPORTANT NOTE TO EDITORS/NEWS DIRECTORS: Contact Adela Duncan, WHINSEC Director of Communications & Outreach, at 706-545-3915 or (cell) 559-360-2887 for more information.