Army’s General Fund Enterprise Business System – Sensitive Activities Migrates to Army Shared Services Center

By Erika ChristAugust 13, 2021

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As part of the Army’s overarching strategy to align its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with an enterprise management model, PEO EIS’s General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) — part of the Defense Integrated Business Systems (DIBS) portfolio — is in the process of migrating sustainment of its financial management ERP system for classified customers to the Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center (SEC) Army Shared Services Center (SSC).

GFEBS – Sensitive Activities (GFEBS-SA) — which provides secure, web-based, real-time financial data to the Army’s senior leaders while protecting national security information — will be the first cloud-based ERP system to transition to the Army SSC. As part of the CECOM SEC at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, the Army SSC helps bring efficiency to ERP sustainment. Specifically, it provides centralized ERP support teams, enterprise-level oversight and DevSecOps to enable program offices like GFEBS to focus on developing new capabilities, ever-changing auditability and financial management requirements, and efficiencies, instead of day-to-day application management.

Besides benefiting from short-term efficiencies, GFEBS leaders expect to achieve long-term cost savings by migrating GFEBS-SA to a consolidated contract supporting Army ERP delivery and management of services. The move to a shared services model will also ensure that deployed systems are meeting performance and availability thresholds, aligning with Army guidance to implement processes that contribute to Army audit requirements.

“We are very excited about this transition, not only to bring efficiencies to GFEBS, but to be able to expand on the economies of scale and innovation across the ERPs,” said Michelle Dirner, director of the Army SSC.

While GFEBS-SA is the first cloud-based system to transition to the Army SSC, it’s not the first PEO EIS program to do so. The Logistics Modernization Program, Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub, and Global Combat Support System – Army all are nested within the Army SSC, enabling cross-program collaboration and the sharing of lessons learned. The unclassified version of the GFEBS system will migrate soon after its classified counterpart.

“The GFEBS – Sensitive Activities team, under the leadership of product director Reg Shuford, has outperformed expectations by becoming the first cloud-based system to migrate to the Army Shared Services Center,” said Col. Donald L. Burton, project manager for DIBS. “This is significant for all classified users who require a high-side financial solution.”