FY20-21 JMC Aspiring Leaders Cohort
FY20-21 JMC Aspiring Leaders Cohort (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

HQ, JMC recently hosted the first in-person closeout review of the Aspiring Leaders Program. The Aspiring Leaders Program was a year-long program and included several phases of training. The phases included topics such as strategic leadership, conversational leadership/dialogue skills, conflict management, decision-making, and critical thinking, and focused on developing and cultivating participants' leadership skills.

Throughout the year, JMC had key leadership personnel attend the webinars and describe their personal leadership skills and philosophies. Some of the leaders included John Campbell from Resource Management, he discussed Communication Skills for Leaders, Norbert Herrera from Human Resources, discussed Managing Conflict, and Kelly Porschke from the Security Assistances discussed topics on critical and strategic thinking as a leader.

The instructor Mr. Kevin McNulty, from Humadyn, presented a program summary of the entire year. He discussed highlights from multiple webinar topics that included self-discovery, foundations of effective leadership, and skills of an effective leader. During the self-discovery phase, students conducted formal and informal assessments on how they saw themselves as leaders. The foundation phase taught each student the elements needed to become an effective and influential leader in areas across the enterprise. Finally, students learned the skills needed to become an effective leader through live and interactive workshops. The students learned to be influential, communicate effectively, and resolve conflict.  There were discussions on the importance of having mentors, and each student identified a mentor and was encouraged to meet with their mentor on a regular basis to discuss what they were learning and how to apply it to real-life situations as they arise.

With the challenging virtual environment, the instructor and students were excited to finally meet face to face to conclude this program. Students were actively engaged in face-to-face conversations, group activities, and interactions throughout the closeout review.

“Spending a year with other JMC Aspiring Leaders, I have learned the importance of understanding both yourself and others better. It is incredible to see how different we can all be in regards to how we respond, process, and communicate and yet see that we are all after the same goal in doing our best and motivated by our end customer – the Joint Warfighter. We all have our own unique leadership style and brand and the better we understand ourselves and those around us, the better we position ourselves to be as effective as we can be,” said Patrick McGivern, from the Industrial Base Analysis Division.

The program took students through multiple instructional phases with topics that included strategic leadership, conversational leadership/dialogue skills, conflict management, decision making, and critical thinking.

“Spending a year with other JMC Aspiring Leaders, I have learned just how much amazing talent JMC has gathered,” said Sudan Abdur-Rahman, from the Quality Engineering Division.

Program participants enhanced their leadership competencies and improved their ability to execute current mission and strategically postured themselves for positions with increasing responsibility.

“The goal of this closeout review was to revisit and reinforce the leadership skills and behaviors that were discussed and developed throughout this year-long program, ensuring participants were encouraged to continue to grow and develop into the leaders they aspire to be,” said Lindsay Dowell, G1 Program Manager.

In order to identify and retain top talent, JMC recognizes the need to foster and develop aspiring leaders and is willing to sponsor programs to grow leaders. We have focused on leadership engagement and holding leaders accountable to be the tip of the spear for the war on talent. In today’s environment, we are relying on our leaders to continue to engage employees, ensuring work-life balance while focusing on outputs for mission continuity. JMC will continue to target skill gaps to move the organization forward and continue to focus on our future and building leaders and strategic thinkers in this complex environment.