Senior Leader Sustainment - keeping leaders in the fight

By Robert MartinAugust 10, 2021

Today’s senior leaders face multiple challenges that seem to come from all directions, from mission demands and expectations, career pressure, work-life balance, and more. There’s a program for that - Senior Leader Sustainment.

“SLS dedicates time to those who have been dedicating 100 percent of their time to somebody else for the last couple of years,” said Lt. Col. Scott Benson, director of the Senior Leader Sustainment program. “It’s a moment to catch up on their health care and get them back into their best condition to reengage and to carry on the fight.

“We try to take a holistic method for everyone that comes through and take a team approach to what needs to do to get each individual tuned up and get them back out in the best condition possible while they are here and head on their next assignment,” he said.

Specific to the needs of senior leaders, the medical, physical, and behavioral resilience components are incorporated into a comprehensive assessment to optimize lifestyle behaviors and achieve health and human performance goals.

One of these assessments is nutrition.

“Nutrition comes into play in different ways,” said Benson. “A lot of the students live out of a fast-food bag on occasion while they work into the night. We do weight, body fat measurements that are more precise than the Army’s tape measure. The dietitian will give them an Individualized nutrition assessment and the resources so they can tune their diet and help improve themselves as much as possible.”

Following the initial assessment, students will be able to tap into other SLS program services, including:

Behavioral resilience: customized advice on stress management, sleep optimization, and attention control

Nutrition: Individualized nutrition assessment with a dietician

Fitness & exercise programming: tailored recommendations, individualized programs

Running analysis: shoe recommendations, technique coaching, sprint and endurance programs

Physical therapy: Direct access to PT at Dunham, spinal manipulation, dry needling

Periodic health assessments: SLS will complete all Army PHA Physical and Vision screening during your assessment. PHA Part I: Senior Leader will complete Part I NLT 7 days before the scheduled SLS appointment.