32d AAMDC Leaders Hold Quarterly Theater Review

By Sgt. Ian Vega-CerezoAugust 9, 2021

FORT BLISS, TX – Key leaders from across 32d Air and Missile Defense Command convened at the Mission Training Center on Fort Bliss to perform a Quarterly Theater Review, August 3-5, 2021.

The QTR focused on providing brigade command teams a renewed understanding of current and future air and missile defense postures and gave teams the opportunity to provide recommendations to enhance the joint force’s ability to better carry out the air defense mission.

“The review is basically a quick snapshot of where we are as a command, past, present and future,” said Capt. Imad Odeh, secretary to the general staff and QTR coordinator, 32d AAMDC. “It shows us our current posture and the direction we’re heading whether it’s modernization, manning and other key elements to getting our units ready to move on a moment’s notice to any location in Central Command’s area of responsibility.”

During the review, the command discussed topics ranging from tactical concerns and global posture and how to improve 32d AAMDC’s overall effectiveness as a fighting force.